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This problem can mean many things, odds are the problem is with the operating system itself. I'm going to give you some instruction of some things I would do if I was working on this computer.

Questions you should consider:

Do you get any error messages? If so contact Microsoft with the error message.

Is you computer under warranty? If so, it's best to let a technician handle the problem. Note: Sometimes they will reformat or replace your hard drive. You could loose all data so it would be a good idea to backup first.

Re-pare Steps:

1) Restart Windows in Safe Mode. As you computer is restarting, hold down F8 and once the menu appears, select Safe Mode using the arrow key and selecting by pressing enter. Note: If windows does not boot in safe mode then seek help from a train technician, the problem may be too complex to go into decision in the message.

2) Consider a system restore. You will loose all data and changes you have made to your computer after the restore date. Open system restore by clicking on the start menu and selecting help and support. System restore should be one of the options assuming you have system restore turned on. (It's windows default so you should.) Select a restore date prior to the problem occurrence. Restore your PC. If you do not want to do a system restore then skip this step.

3) Update any and all ad-ware, spy-ware, and most importantly, anti-virus programs that are running on you computer.

4) Run a virus scan, then spy-ware scan, followed by ad-ware.

5) Your problem should be resolved by now. Restart your computer and see if it works, if not then restart in safe mode again (step 1).

6) If all else fells you can reformat your hard drive by reinstalling windows. You can do this by inserting the windows disk or system restore disk that came with your computer. Follow the instructions given by the manufacturer. WARNING: This will wipe the hard drive of all data, it will be like you just got your computer. You will loose all software and everything.

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How to stop windows updates from breaking computer?

The following site tells you how to stop automatic windows updates from crashing your computer...

Will a computer that restarts to install updates keep the currently open windows open?

Nope - normally, when a computer does a re-start to finish updating, it closes all active windows before shutting down.

How do you fix a computer that after restarting it the computer stop restarting at the windows loading?

You should scan your computer to check out if it gets any infection from threats. Make sure your security software is updated. Then, you can have a full scan on your PC by using the Registry Repair Tool.

What should i do when the computer says youre computer OS currently in a state not supported by windows starter edition?

Try restarting your computer. If that does not work, try system restore.

What will happen to my Windows 7 if I restart my computer?

Nothing. The process of restarting a computer is exactly the same as if you turned it off and then turned it back on the next day.

Your computer Hi your Computer keeps restarting and doesnt even get to the Windows just show a bottom progress bar and than restart?

If you're computer runs a loop when trying to start it, you can either - Try starting you computer in safe mode, or running a system restore, if you choose to run a system restore, all data currently stored on your computer will be completely erased, It IS however, possible to do a last minute backup of your system without actually starting windows, contact your local computer store/technicians for more info.

11 List the steps to load the Recovery Console when using the four Windows 2000 rescue disks?

Insert each of the disks, restarting the computer after the first disk, which then once restarting, a setup screen appears.

Does Windows 2000 restarts immediately after it encounters a system failure?


What is the difference between restart and standby?

Restarting means the computer will power down, turn off, and start up again. Standby means it saves your current windows you have opened to its hard drive and turns off. Then when you turn it on again it starts up faster and all your progress is saved.

Why your windows 7 is restarting again and again?

It could be due to hardware fault, virus, task scheduler, windows update or software fault. If you aren't experienced with this you should deliver your computer to a tech.

Can you help me with my windows update?

Try restarting your computer first. If this does not solve the problem, go to and use their contact information and let them know the problem.

Windows xp will not install on sata hdd it's detected by bios and windows it's formatted then restarts to install windows but does not install it?

Windows xp does not have native support for SATA interface (except SP3). You have to download SATA interface driver from the motherboard/computer website and use F6 installation procedure.

How do you stop my computer from restarting after it does a windows update?

Well many updates require a restart for the update to be fully installed. The only solution would be to not install updates.

Why does Windows XP shut down when the restart button is clicked?

Restarting means combination operation of shutting down the computer and turning it ON again. This is why windows xp close down when the restart button is clicked. logicwonder

What general steps can you take to troubleshoot your computer?

Usually restarting your computer can help. If the problem is network or Internet related you can try restarting your router.If you have a problem with computer drivers (eg. the printer, mouse, keyboard, etc.) you can try starting windows in safe mode. (See related questions for help on this)If you can't get an Internet connection, you could try ringing your ISP.

Windows Explorer stops working then restarts continuously?

That's the same thing that happen to me!

What can one do to reactivate the Windows Vista security centre if one receives the message The security centre cant be started?

You should try restarting your computer and follow the instructions.

What is the different between a cold boot and a warm boot?

A cold boot refers to starting a computer that has been powered off. A warm boot is just restarting Windows.

When a computer restarts while on the processes of boot up very time this would indicate what?

There is likely a problem with the operating system. Try re-installing your OS (Windows, Mac, Linux etc)

When working on a Word document why is it important to save your work?

Windows is restarting...

What Closes and opens programs shuts down Windows 7 and then restarts Windows 7 and displays the Welcome screen?

handled in kernel mode

Why does the computer keep restarting when loading Windows XP after I installed a new hard disk?

The hard drive is not configured to your PC's settings. Re-install the OS on the new HDD.

What is the oldest Windows computer?

The oldest Windows computer is Windows 1.0.

How do you get rid of a blue screen?

Usually the only way to get rid of it is restarting Windows.

What can you do to stop a computer from repeatedly restarting in a continuous loop?

1. Go into Bios and check the temp of the processor. Can be caused by a failing processor, motherboard or ram or just a corrupted Windows install.