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Once a salvage title is given to a car it remains a salvage or totaled/reconstructed car. It will never legally have a clean title again. This assumes the damage was reported to an insurance company and they totaled/paid out on the car.

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It depends. Is there damage, what is damaged? What is the repair cost estimate? What is the year, make and model? What is the blue book value of the vehicle before the accident?

it just means that said vehicle has been damaged and an insurance company has considered it to be damaged beyond its value. if it is a "rebuilt" salvage title then it can be used as any other vehicle on the road, it just may effect the cost of insurance.

As of 2013, the best way to determine if the department of motor vehicles has issued a salvage title for a vehicle is on the title it will state that it is a salvage title. A salvage title is a note that states that the vehicle has been damaged or deemed a total loss.

You should contact one of the auto salvage yards in your area or city.

It means that the car was damaged, but was not reported as a salvage title. A PS Title is Pre-Salvage. It is a clean original title on a car that in most cases should have been transferred as a salvage title, but for whatever reason was not.

its when 70% of a vehicle has either been damaged or wrecked, and insurance has classified it as a total loss. in some rare cases the salvage title could be issued to a stolen vehicle

i was recently involved in a minor car accident. The body shop stated the car was not ready because they were waiting on the used body parts from the salvage company. I called my insurance company they told me this was a common practice to use used parts. Is this a common practise.

Either the cars owner or the insurance company who paid for the totaled vehicle

Yes; why on earth would you think otherwise? The "salvage" title only means that it is a reconstructed, or rebuilt vehicle which has probably been heavily damaged and repaired. It is STILL your property, and in this respect, a title, is a title, is a title -- "salvage" has nothing to do with whether or not you own the property (vehicle). If some one else damages it, then they have damaged YOUR property.

No. The title becomes salvage from the insurance company that gets a car that was involved in an accident, water damaged, fire, etc. If you donate your car, you just sign over the title to the person or charity you are donating it to. make sure you get a copy of the title front and back after you sign it over to prove you donated it so you can prove that you did for insurance and tax purposes.

A salvage title can be caused by a car having been damaged in a previous wreck also if a car has been previously stolen and the owner was already given a replacement before the car was found then the stolen car may receive a salvage title

Most reputable auto salvage yards have databases that tell them which parts will interchange.

Damaged cars can be purchased through junkyards and salvage yards as well as police impound auctions. Third party sellers could list damaged or inoperable vehicles in publications like Auto Trader.

here in nys, if the damage is more then the value of vehicle, then its toast. unless you want to pay beyond insurance and have vehicle repaired. but most people just salvage car if it is beyond repair.

Usually not, collision and comprehensive only pay based on pre-accident value of the car, which for a salvage is very little if anything. You will need liability and it might be useful to have uninsured motorist.

There is a company called Salvage Data that operates in the Boston area, and are experts in data recovery. Their experts are ISO certified, which is a quality control award, which shows they are reputable and have the necessary knowledge for the job.

Few, if any will give you a loan. That's why it's best to either avoid high-priced salvage cars or buy older cars that have been totaled with cash - it doesn't take much to total an older car these days and the damage could simply be cosmetic. Some Prior salvage cars are even better than clean title. Prior Salvage and Clean Title difference is only that one title shows that the car was in accident and Clean Title will never show it - even if it was in worse accident. Like some say you will have problems with Prior Salvage Title, it is NOT true though.

only if the car was damaged to where it was declared totalled. Then you need to get a Salvage title and have the car inspected.

It means the car was damaged and the costs to repair was greater than 75% of the RV's actual cash value.

I wouldn't buy a salvage car because if the accident was severe enough to cause the air bags to deploy, it is severe enough to cause frame damage. I'd have it checked out by a competent garage first.

The have companies that will purchase damaged items of personal property or just about anything. They are in the business of repairing items are reselling them. The insurance company has lists of what they can normally sell damaged items for and this will result in a valuation.

If the art is damaged beyond salvage or repair, it may be better just to start fresh than to attempt to save the piece. Scrapping work is always hard, but it sometimes can be the right thing to do.

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