Highest waterfall in Australia?

Wallaman Falls, west of Ingham in Queensland, has a height of 305 metres. Here, water from the Stony Creek plunges down numerous ledges. Wollomombi Falls, east of Armidale in New South Wales, has a height of 220 metres and includes a single drop of 100 metres. It's sometimes quoted as Australia's tallest waterfall - but this is only true if measurement starts where the water does not truly fall, but instead flows against the rock due to the gentler gradient.

It's Ellenborough Falls just north of Taree in New South Wales that's regarded as Australia's tallest single-drop waterfall. This waterfall launches off the edge of the New England Tableland and has a single drop of 160 metres.

This question had been previously answered as

"The highest waterfall in Australia is Pieman Falls on the Pieman's Creek in Victoria at 715 metres. It is also the seventh highest in the world."

This is the total drop from the gorge down to Conglomerate Creek below.


To clarify the answer...

Australian water falls by international standards are small, the highest only ranks 135th in the world and are the Wollomombi Falls in New South Wales with a total drop of 424m.

The issue of highest waterfall is caused due to the way water falls are measured and the inclusion or exclusion of associated cascades.

The Wallaman falls in Queensland with a single drop of 269m (ranked 294 in the world) has the highest single drop in Australia. The lower cascades of the falls are considered by those who measure these things to be to far from the falls to be included in the measurement.

Hence Wollomombi is the highest, but Wallaman has the highest single drop.

Both are magnificent and worth seeing.

Heights are as supplied by Geoscience Australia.