History of Belgium

Updated: 8/16/2019
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Q: History of Belgium
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What are some important events in Belgium's history?

Where We Come From... The Battle of the Golden Spurs, 1302 In the Battle of the Golden Spurs in July 1302 a militia of guild workers from the Flemish cities fighting on foot prevailed over an army of knights of the French king near the town of Kortrijk (Courtrai) in western Flanders. The spurs that were taken off the dead French cavaliers gave the battle its name. With this stunning victory the Flemish succeeded in repulsing the attempt of Philip the Fair to conquer Flanders; the king had been seeking to gain a direct influence on the country principally because of the economic strength of the Flemish towns. At the same time the Flemish guilds were able to bolster their political power at the cost of the patricians, who had fought on the side of the French. Soon after the Belgian state was founded (1830/31), a great interest in the Battle of the Spurs set in. It was now celebrated as the event in which the most outstanding characteristics of the Belgian national character first surfaced: patriotism and love of freedom. Many historians applied this Flemish episode to the whole of Belgium and found in it a model of the desire for freedom of the whole state (which did not yet exist in the 14th century). For their part, the members of the Flemish movement gave sole credit for the Kortrijk victory to their own people while at the same time insinuating that the Francophone Walloons were sympathetic to the cause of the French enemies.The monumental and extremely popular painting by the Antwerp artist Nicaise de Keyser treats the decisive moment of the battle when a lay brother from the Ter Doest abbey in western Flanders, Guillaume Vansaeftingen, slays the French commander, the Duc d'Artois.

What Belgium history has something to do with France?

Belgium and France have been briefly unified by Napoleons conquests.

What is the history of the Belgium browning?

Ned Schwing's book will have what you are looking for.

What is one interesting fact about belgium?

Belgium has a long history and many interesting facts. One interesting fact about Belgium is that they legalized euthanasia in 2002 and gay marriage in 2003.

What role did Britain France Belgium Portugal have in north Africa?

They made it in history take out Belgium and Portugal replace with them with Spain and Italy

Were waffles invented in Belgium?

Yes they were but records say sometime in history they werent

What is the history of a breech loading double barrel shotgun made by Star Arms Company with Fine Damascus Belgium on the 30 inch barrels and BELGIUM in the breech with numbers 1403 and 14732 and 19?

No published history on the company.

Was there any reason why the battle of Waterloo was fought in Belgium?

The allied armies were concentrating in Belgium preparatory to an invasion of France, when Napoleon attacked. Anyway, look at the history of Europe, Practically all the wars were fought in Belgium.

What Mexican city has reminders of Carlota?

The Chapultepec history museum in Mexico City has several of Carlota's (Charlotte of Belgium) possessions. Her remains are buried on Brussels, Belgium.

What has the author H vander Linden written?

H. vander Linden has written: 'Belgium, the making of a nation' -- subject(s): History 'Belgium, the making of a nation'

What has the author Emile Toebosch written?

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