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Most electrical power companies keep your records on a computer. Usually, if you request it, they can and will do a print-out for you. Usually, this record is only available for the last 12 months. My power company provider in SE Texas will provide such a print-out free of charge, and will mail it to me.

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What bills can you pay using a credit card?

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How can you obtain copies of your electric bills?

Contact your electric company.

Are there such things as electric bills?

yes there is

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You are purchasing a condo in Wilmington Delaware who do you contact about electric service?

Ask the local electric company in Wilmington.If the condominium pays the electric bills, they will be able to inform you of that fact. Then you'll pay your electric bills through your assessments.

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What do electric power companies deliver to consumers?


Are my gas and electric bills the same or separate?


Who can use hydro electricity?

Some rivers have dams which are used for the generation of electric power, which is then sold to the public by the local electric utility. If you live in an area which is supplied with hydro-electric power, you are then free to use it, if you pay your electric bills, or at least, if you live in a building whose owner pays the electric bills.

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Electric bills are much, much easier to pay on your company's website. This will take away the need to mail, address, and stamp an envelope. It is also faster.

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is when a consumer does not pay thier bills on time or have unpaid collection bills

Saving Money on Electric Bills?

There are plenty of ways to save money on electric bills. Every month, electric bills can create incredible expenses in the lives of people. The sad thing is that many people could easily lower their monthly electric bills if they simply took a few simple steps. With just a few simple steps, a person could end up paying hundreds of dollars less in a given year. One key step to saving money on electric bills is to use less energy for a washer or dryer. A person should seek to do less laundry in a given month to save money.

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What is the advantage to having an elecronic, programmable thermostat?

An electric programmable thermostat will save on electric bills by not running durring the evening.

Can electric be disconnected in the winter in Kentucky?

Yes, it can. There is no law to prevent electric companies from disconnecting electric due to unpaid bills in Kentucky, during the winter or any season.

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