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That piece of history is discussed in the book The Oster Conspiracy.

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When did Roosevelt decide Hitler had to be stopped?

It is not clear from the historical record as to precisely when President Roosevelt personally decided that Hitler was such a menace to civilization that he needed to be stopped by force of some kind. During 1940, however, this decision was revealed in his commitment to assisting Great Britain in its fight against Hitler. Even more clearly, from December 7th of 1941 onward, Roosevelt made the fight against Hitler America's first priority, despite the hostilities that had at that time broken out against Imperial Japan.

Who did hitler fight against?

His biggest enemies were Russia, Great Britain, the USA and France

Why did Hitler want to fight against Britain?

Hitler wanted to fight Britain because of the way Germany was treated after the first World War. Britain and France came up with the Treaty of Versailles to punish Germany for starting the war. The punishments included loss of land, reparations to Britain and France, the reduction of their military, and that Germany had to take the blame for starting the war and publicly announce that it was their fault. It was for these reasons that Hitler was able to take control of Germany; However I don't know exactly if Hitler wanted to fight Britain because Britain and France declared war on Germany after the invasion of Poland, but it's not to say he wouldn't have eventually invaded Britain because France was the next country taken over by Germany and then they tried to attack Britain in the Battle of Britain, but the British held them off.

What were the consequences of Hitler's attacks on France and Great Britain?

Nothing once hitler attacked france, france surrenderd, hitler failed to attack britain successfully because hitler didnt have enough air support to attack. after that britain tried to fight back at the start but failed because germany built a strong defence on channel coast of northern france

Why did Hitler declare war on Britain?

Hitler claimed he declared war on Britain to satisfy his fellow leaders. He claimed he did not want to fight with the Brits. Later he decided they did not have a pure Aryan race. (I know it sounds crazy but he viewed nations by their racial purity.)

What actions did Hitler take that threatened world peace?

Hitler took many steps that threatened world peace that was 'appeased' by England and France. One of the major factors was the re militarisation of the Rhineland, the French could have very easily stopped this as Hitler gave the reduced German army (100,000 strong) orders that if they saw any French resistance then they were to retreat and not fight. That was Hitler's most daring move. Hitler made it clear that he was against Communism and published a book called 'Mein Kumpf' (my struggle) in this he noted that he was to gain living space to the east (invade Russia/USSR) He also wanted to unit all German speaking people. (Invading Czechoslovakia) Retaking of the Rhur (the major resource rich sector in Germany that was under the League of Nations control with all the profits going to France.) Hitler needed an end to the reparation payments and so stopped paying. again Britain and France 'appeased' this. Murdering off all non Arian race Germans (Jews, Homosexuals)

Did the u.s fight with hitlerb to defeat England in World War 2?

No. The US fought against Hitler, to save Britain and France.

Did Hitler fight in World War I?

hitler did fight in world war 1yes

Did Hitler want Britain to join him in World War 2?

Yes, he didn't want to have to fight Britain, but Britain and France declared war on Germany on September 3rd 1939, two days after Germany invaded Poland.

What was the catalyst that started World War 2?

Hitler's invason of Poland. Britain and France had threatened to declare war if he crossed the Polish border, but Ribbentrop had persuaded him that neither of these two nations was prepared to fight. When they duly declared war, Hitler was badly wrong-footed. It was noted that he was now obliged to go to war against Britain, with Russia on his side, when he had expected to do the opposite.

Which war did you fight Hitler in?

Hitler fought in WW1 and 2.

What did Hitler fight for?


In Battle of El Alamein who won the fight and why?

No one actually won. It was a stalemate. Though no one won, Britain stopped Axis powers from entering Egypt.

Did Adolf Hitler fight in WW1?

Yes. Hitler was a runner in WW1.

World War 2 Where did they fight in Britain?

where did they fight in britain during world war 2

How and why did Germany start World War 2?

Germany wanted more land it had lost in World War II. Hitler started building up the army and ordered the factories to make more weapons. In 1938, Hitler invaded Austria and gained more land, then in 1939, Germany invaded Czechoslovakia. He then threatened Poland, Britain and France then decided to fight Germany. By Ryan Lao in KJS school. Hong Kong

Why did Britain not fight in Vietnam?

Britain was concerned about Europe.

Who would win in a fight adolf Hitler or Chuck Norris?

Adolf Hitler

Why did Hitler want to enslave Eastern Europeans?

Stalin knew that Hitler couldn't afford to fight a two front war. He demanded steep and unreasonable terms, and Hitler was forced to comply while he fought France and Britain. He wanted to enslave Russians because he wanted revenge, and he hated communism.

Why did the Britain and France allow Hitler to take control of the Sudetenland?

They were afraid of the effects of standing up to Hitler in case of another war. Both Britain and France were horrified from WW1, and they were both still not ready to fight. So they used the policy of appeasement to give Hitler what he wanted, if it was within reason. Also, people in britain thought that the Treaty of Versailles- which is what took the Sudetenland land from Germany in the first place was too harsh, and that Germany should be treated more equally.

Who did Hitler fight for world war 1?

Hitler fought for germany/the axis in ww1.

Who would win in a fight adolf Hitler or goku?

Hitler is scum, so defiantly not him.

What brought France and great Britain closer as allies?

Both World War I, and World War 2, brought France and Great Britain closer as allies, to fight the German Kaiser (WW I) and Hitler and Nazis Germany (WW II).

Why did Hitler fight the wrong war?

If you mean what it means, then the Wrong War refers to the fact that in Hitler view, World War Two was not right. He was fighting the country he admired the most- Great Britain. And allied with the country he most wanted to colonize-USSR.

How did the battle of Britain end?

germany had to fight britain alone