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Hitlers plan to exterminate all jews?

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Was called the final solution.

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What was Adolf Hitlers mission?

To exterminate, or get rid of, all the Jews because he thought they were an inferior race.

Did all Jews suppoert hitlers plan for the persecution of the Jews?

No, the Jews opposed Hitler's plans.

What did adolf Hitler call is plan to exterminate all of the Jews?

The final solution

What were Adolf Hitler's accomplishments and how did he achieve them?

Hitlers accomplishments archived because he was able to exterminate all Jews, and people with mental or physical disabilities.

What is consentration camp?

Is a camp that the German Nazi's created to torture or kill the Jews all over the world. Hitlers idea was to exterminate all the Jews of the world. - 11 year old girl! :)!

What was hitlers plan called to kill all Jews and undesirables called?

The final solution

Who did adolph hitler plan to exterminate?

All European Jews, and slavic Europeans of Eastern Europe and Russia.

Did all Germans support hittlers plan to exterminate the Jewish people?

No some helped hide the Jews

What is final solution in World War 2?

The Final Solution was the German plan to exterminate all of Europe's Jews.

Did the final solution stop?

The final solution was Hitlers plan to kill all of the Jews. His plan was stopped when Germany lost WW2.

What was the name of hitlers plan to kill all Jews?

The plan to murder all Jews in Nazi-controlled Europe was euphemistically known as die Endlösung der Judenfrage - the final solution to the Jewish question.

What were Hitlers crimes?

Hitlers crimes were trying to kill all of the Jews

What did the Nazi leaders want to do to the Jews?

They wanted to exterminate all the Jews and rid Europe of all of its Jews.

The plan to exterminate all Jewish people was created where?

It is easy to pretend that the plan was to exterminate all Jewish people, it make the plan seem meglomanical and outrageously unattainable. But the fact was that the plan was only to eliminate the Jews from German provinces, which almost succeeded, this was the Holocaust, Six million Jews died in this, to pretend that it was part of an impossible attempt to somehow exterminate all Jewish people world wide is an insult to these people. As to where it was created, it was not a single plan. It arose from a few different needs and different actions, there was one ideology behind it and all of the various facets were overseen by the same person (Himmler), but it was not part of a single plan.

What term refers to Adolf Hitler's plan to exterminate all the Jews of Europe?

The Final Solution (of the Jewish Question) - also called the Holocaust.

What was Adolf Hitler plan?

Hitlers plan was to get rid off all the Jews and the anti-nazi and to make Germany a non communist country because the Jews was communist and he hated the Jews and everything about them so that is why he wanted Germany to be anti communist.

Where hitlers wifes Jews?

no there weren't Jews they were all white American Women...

Hitlers plans for Europe?


What is the Madagascar plan?

The Madagascar plan was hitlers plan to move 4 million European Jews to the island of Madagascar. along with all the other Nazi plans this was not their own idea! it was already thought about by a man paul de Lagarde in early 1885.AnswerThe Madagascar plan was hitlers plan to move 4 million European Jews to the island of Madagascar. along with all the other Nazi plans this was not their own idea! it was already thought about by a man paul de Lagarde in early 1885.

Did the hitlers kill all the jews in europe?

No. A minority survived.

Hitlers Final Solution?

mass killing of all the jews

What was the Hitler's plan to get rid of the Jews?

The first step was to identify who is Jewish. Eventually all of the Jews had the star of David on their clothing. All of their papers are marked with a large J. Next laws were made that Jews cannot own land or companies. Then the Jews were placed in ghettos. From their they are taken into concentration camps. From there the Jews were feed poorly and wore rags. Bit by bit Jews died. But some survived. All of these were horrible things. And all of this were all part of Hitlers plan.

What was Hitlers final stage of the final solution?

Extermination of all Jews

What was hitlers final soulution for World War 2?

kill all the Jews

What was Hitler's final solution and what agency was to carry it out?

Hitlers Final Solution was a plan to kill all jews. Every one who supported Nazis carried it out, from special forces to civilians.