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Ho invented the DS?


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Nintendo invented the Nintendo DS and the Nintendo DS lite.

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Answer: Sure, theirs probably a Ho-oh code for the DS Action Replay.

Nintendo invented the DS

the people said that they were bored so they invented the ds

The Nintendo DS was invented in 2004.

transfer from GBA or get action replay DS

It was invented in 2004.

You can't get a Ho-oh in Pokemon Diamond.To get Ho-Oh in pokemon Diamond you have to trade with a copy of Pokemon Heart GoldORIf you have a ds or ds lite(not a 3ds or a dsi) and a copy of Pokemon Gold(that has Ho-Oh captured in it) you can transfer it from that!Hope I Helped!(\_/)(='.'=)(")_(")

it was invented by Micheal J. DS.

if your talking about Nintendo ds, Nintendo.

The Nintendo Company invented the Nintendo DS. It was probably not invented by a single person, but by a group of people. It was also most likely to have been invented in Japan.

The Ds was invented and made its debut in November of 2004.

Nintendogs is first game of Nintendo DS and first it was sale with Nintendo DS. So its invented in 2005.

You cannot catch Ho-oh in Pokemon Pearl but you can transfer Ho-oh from a GBA game using Pal Park.

get an action replay, get Pokemon modifier cheat, then catch ho-oh and any other Pokemon you want to. (there is only one Pokemon diamond and it is for DS) (u have to have ho-oh in ur national pokedex to catch him with ur action replay)

the nintendo ds was created at nintendo HQ in Tokyo, Japan

To provide portable gaming.

Buy 2 DS Get Heartgold Get Soulsilver Capture Ho-oh in Heartgold Breed Ho-oh with Ditto Hatch Ho-oh Trade Ho-oh with a Pokemon from your Soulsilver Breed Ho-oh with Ditto in Soulsilver There's u egg.

i have one but it does not work for sum reson. i guess there is one for lugia but not for #$%# ho oh

you cant obtain Ho-Oh in Pokemon Diamond/Pearl unless you use Action Replay DS you can get ho-oh by transfering it from your LeafGreen, FireRed, Emerald, Ruby/Sapphire

You need to trade for it or transfer it from the older Pokemon DS games.

The original was released in 2004.

The Nintendo Incorporation, of course.

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