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When was the Nintendo DS invented?

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Q: When was the Nintendo DS invented?
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Ho invented the DS?

Nintendo invented the Nintendo DS and the Nintendo DS lite.

What year was the Nintendo DS invented?

The Nintendo DS was invented in 2004.

Who invented th ds?

Nintendo invented the DS

Who invented nintendi DS?

if your talking about Nintendo ds, Nintendo.

Who invented then Nintendo DS?

Nintendo did

Where were the Nintendo DS invented?

the nintendo ds was created at nintendo HQ in Tokyo, Japan

Who invented the Nintendo DS?

The Nintendo Company invented the Nintendo DS. It was probably not invented by a single person, but by a group of people. It was also most likely to have been invented in Japan.

Who invented ds?


Who invented Nintendo DS?

The Nintendo Incorporation, of course.

When was Nintendogs invented?

Nintendogs is first game of Nintendo DS and first it was sale with Nintendo DS. So its invented in 2005.

Where was the Nintendo DS invented?


Who invented Nintendo DS lite?

The Nintendo Incorporation, of course.

Who was the inventor of the Nintendo DS?

it was invented by Micheal J. DS.

Were was the Nintendo DS lite invented?

In Japan.

Why was the Nintendo DS game invented?

for portable fun

Who Invented The Nintendo DS Gaming System?

Fusajiro Yamauchi

Who invented the DS Lite?

Micheal J. from the Nintendo company

Is there a Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone game for the Nintendo DS?

No. The Nintendo DS had not been invented when the first Harry Potter game was released.

When was a Nintendo DS lite invented?

North America and Japan. The Nintendo DS was launched in North America for US$149.99 on November 21, 2004

Who invented the DS and more?

Nintendo a whole group of talented people

What Nintendo DS systems are there?

There are several types of Nintendo DS systems ranging from the Nintendo DS, Nintendo DS Lite, Nintendo DSi, and Nintendo DSi XL. The newest version of the Nintendo DS is the Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo 3DS XL.

Can you play Nintendo DS games on the Nintendo DS Lite?

yes you can play Nintendo ds games on the Nintendo ds lite

Can you play Nintendo DS lite games on a Nintendo DS i?

Yes you can play Nintendo DS games on a Nintendo ds lite.

Can the Nintendo DS play against the Nintendo DS Lite?

Yes, the original Nintendo DS can play with the Nintendo DS Lite.

Nintendo DS or Nintendo DS Lite?

I would recomend a Nintendo DS lite but normal Nintendo ds's are cheaper