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not very

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How do you quit dropping your back shoulder while hitting?

try starting with your hands higher.

What can mess up your rifle scope?

Hitting it, dropping it, putting it in water would be very high on the "Don't Do" list.

How does scotch pine impact the environment?

I honestly don't know the answer to this question because a retard is hitting me with a possible right now

When you turned off your computer then its does not turned off but its restart why?

maybe you are accidently hitting restart or you have you computer programed to do that.

What are the advantages of touch screen computer?

With a touch screen computer we can see good films and good serials with hitting it with a bat......

Can a snake be killed by hitting it across the spine?

Yes. A spinal injury can be fatal to a snake just like it can be to any other vertebrate. Snake spines are especially delicate.

How do I get my computer out of sleep mode?

shake your mouse around or try hitting the space bar

Can a bullet go off by itself?

No. Something has to make contact with the primer or cause the primer to get really hot. Dropping or hitting a round, or throwing it into a fire can cause it ignite.

What can you break without hitting or dropping?

anything! u can slice, rip, or bend basicl anything. like a baseball....u can rip it apart if u just use a knife

What are the three ways to demagnetize a magnet?

By heating it up and then quickli cool it under cold water, by hitting a magnet with a hammer or simply by dropping it on a hard floor.. Hareema Amber

Should you beat this kid up who keeps hitting on your girlfriend I'm 13?

honestly, i would but id be careful of the teachers, winesses, that same age

How can computers be misused?

Well a computer could be misused for many of reasons. Such as, using it for stuff it is not intended for. Hitting someone with it would be misuse. Hitting it, throwing it, plus a few more here and there.

What did the computer mouse replace?

It replaced navigating by hitting the up/down/right/left buttons repeatedly.

Could you list three hazards to computer software?

putting a magnet to it, using it too much and hitting it with a hammer

What is hitting?


How you screenshot something on a computer?

The print screen button on your computer takes a still screenshot and pastes it to your clipboard. Whenever you open up any application after hitting your print screen key, you can paste the image of your computer screen.

How can you test the fuel pump in a 1991 Lebaron to make sure it needs to be replaced before dropping the gas tank?

You can try hitting the gas tank. When mine was going out, hitting the gas tank would jar the fuel pump enough to get it working again, but only temporarily. If this works, you know the fuel pump is going.

How do you use a keyboard?

Using the keyboard to enter data into the computer, mainly made up of letters of the alphabet, hitting the key will make the corresponding symbol or letter come up on the computer.

What are actions and reactions?

actions are what you do, reactions are what happens according to the action. for example; a tennis ball being dropped on the ground; the tennis ball dropping ( action ) the ball hitting the ground and bouncing back up ( reaction )

Is it true that an experiment involving dropping a tennis ball a bowling ball and a feather on the moon would result in all three objects hitting the ground at approximately the same time?

Yes. As there is no air resistance on the moon.

How do you copy things on the computer using the shift key?

Actually not the shift button but by hitting Ctrl - C you can copy highlighted text.

If your car slides into a ditch when you are trying to avoid hitting a dog and there was no damage to any property is that considered an accident in Colorado?

Honestly, not totally sure about your state, but in most...if there is no damage and it happens on private property, then it is not considered an accident.

What is the game called you keep hitting him with bombs and stuff?

The old board game was called Battleship. There are hundreds of computer games that do the same thing you describe so I have no idea which specific computer game you are asking about.

How do you unlock my computer from Movie Star Planet?

Try hitting control,alt,delete at the same time on your keyboard. Good luck and have a nice day

How do you apologize to your lover for hitting?

by not hitting them in the first place!