Horseisle quest sir sleepwell's shield?

Sir Sleepwell's Blade:

After you have spoken to Koko (who is south of where Patsy Drops you)

Go north until you come to a clump of trees and rocks. Got the northernmost rock, and from there go East. You will find a tree with circle leave things, there are 2 rocks near it. Go to the northernmost rock and continue East. You will come to a few trees and rocks, in the middle of these is Epona (the horse) talk to her, go rake around (diagonal as well) the rock west of her, there you will find Sir Sleepwells Blade

Sir Sleepwell's Hilt:

Talk to her again, then go to the smallest tree, go one step above it, go west, you will find 3 rocks and a tree, on the right side of the biggest Rock is Sir Sleepwell's hilt!

Sir Sleepwell's Shield:

Continue West from where you found the Hilt. Go South along the beach, one step under the FIRST tree you come across his Shield! Go back to Koko, then back to Patsy, go to Hotton, and talk to the Farrier, get the blade and the hilt put back together. Then you're Done!