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Q: How as the Australians and eroupens treated in the gold rush?
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How as the Australians and eroupens traeted in the gold rush?

They trated badly. They had a FIGHT!

Were Australians at the California gold Rush?

There were certainly some Australians at the California gold rush. No doubt they returned to Australia once the goldrushes started here.

How were blacks treated during the gold rush?

They were treated very well if they had gold

How were blacks treated in the gold rush?

Blacks were treated terribly in the gold rush. There was still slavery going on so, that was one reason.

Did the Chinese like the Australians in the gold rush?

During the Australian gold rush, the Chinese neither liked nor disliked the Australians. The Chinese were known for basically keeping to themselves and not mingling with the Australians, and for working hard. Because of this, they were mistrusted by the Australians, who would sometimes turn on them, threatening their property. This in turn caused the Chinese to fear the Australians.

How were the british men treated in the Australian gold rush?

They were treated very well, given that the Australian Gold Rush occured in British colonies. The Chinese, on the other hand, were treated very poorly.

How were black people in the Gold rush treated?

The African Americans were treated badly but if they had gold they would they them very nice.

What happened to the American' s in the Australian gold rush?

They were treated like anyone else would be.

Were the Chinese treated badly during the gold rush?

Yes they were some people somethings got jealous or treated them badly because of their culture.

Who are some of the groups of people that came to Australia for the gold rush?

Many cultures came to Australia for the gold rush, but the majority of poeple on the goldfields were Australians themselves.Other groups that came included:ChineseNorth Americans (including Canadians)ItaliansGreeksNew ZealandersFrenchBritish

What American gold rush was before the Victorian gold rush?

The Californian gold rush!

Why was the gold rush called the gold rush?

People rushed to find gold. Hence, "Gold Rush."

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