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ᏠᎯ ᎠᏕᏗ. This is how you write the word freedom in Cherokee

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Q: How do you write the word freedom in Cherokee?
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How is the word freedom at Cherokee?

Tohi adedi

How do you write the word Cherokee in Cherokee?

The word "Tsalagi" (Cherokee) when written is ᏣᎳᎩ. The Cherokee write with a syllabary that was invented by Sequoyah. The symbols were somewhat changed later to resemble European letters.

How do you write the word freedom in Russian?

Свобода. The transliteration will be "svoboda".

How do you write Cherokee in Cherokee?


How do you write the name Danny in Cherokee?

It is written as: D-A-N-N-Y as Cherokee does not contain European names; also the name DANNY does not translate to any known word in Tsalagi (Cherokee).

What are some Native American words to mean freedom change and or unity?

Cherokee is the only Native American language that has a written alphabet. The word "freedom" is "tohi adedi"; the word "change" is "ganetliyvsdi"; and the word most closely associated with "unity" is the word for peace, "tohi."

How do you write a sentence with the word freedom in it?

If it is any sentence then here you go- Many immigrants migrate to American for their freedom... or you could talk about freedom of speech if you want...

What is Cherokee word for wolf?

The Cherokee word for wolf is Wahya.

The Cherokee word for fire is what?

The Cherokee word for fire is ajilv.

How do you write Erica in Cherokee?

how to spell erica in cherokee

What is the meaning of the Cherokee word ochouo?

That is certainly not a Cherokee word, since Cherokee has no "ch" sound. It would be totally meaningless to a Cherokee.

What is the Cherokee word for hammer?

I don't know the Cherokee word, but the English word is hammer.

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