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Q: How does physical factors influence the practice of good hygiene?
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Is radiation a physical hazard within the context of industrial hygiene practice?

Yes, within the context of industrial hygiene (occupational hygiene), radiation is a physical hazard.

How do hygiene factors influence employees?

When these factors are poor, work is dissatisfying and employees are not motivated. However, having positive hygiene factors does not cause employees to be motivated; it simply keeps them from being dissatisfied.

Personal effort to practice mental hygiene?

personal efforts to practice mental hygiene

What are the factors of hygiene?

hygiene factors must be addressed to avoid dissatisfaction -policies and procedures for staff treatment -suitable level and quality of supervision -pleasant physical and working conditions -appropriate level of salary and status for the job

Why you must practice good personal hygiene?

you need to practice hygiene because if you don't you will be dirty, stink, and you wont have any friends. hygiene is your cleanliness and the way you take care of yourself. you should always practice personal hygiene.

How should one practice personal hygiene?

Anyone can practice personal hygiene. it can take time to get used to but you'll feel good. It is important to practice personal hygiene because personal hygiene prevents the body to acquire diseases from our dirty environment

What are the factors affecting mental health and emotion?

There are 3 factors that affect mental heath: The hereditary,physical,and socio cultural. Other factors affecting mental health: 1. Intelligence 2. Physical Health 3. Parents and Home 4. Habit training in Childhood 5. Ethical and Moral Upbringing 6. Personal Effort to Practice Mental Hygiene 7. Brain Factor

What European cultural practice was considered barbaric to the Chinese?

Lack of personal Hygiene

Why is personal hygiene important in physical education?

Sweat stinks. So personal hygiene is discussed in physical education classes.

Can one really practice personal hygiene?

Anyone can practice personal hygiene. it can take time to get used to but you'll feel good about yourself once you get the hang of it.

What is meant by good hygiene practice?

Clean yourself

What is physical health and hygiene?

Physical health and hygiene describe how a human body looks, functions, and even smells. Good physical health and good hygiene include eating right, staying healthy, exercising, and good grooming.

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