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Q: How does the character of the student contrast with the character of the English teacher?
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What is your personal characteristics as a student?

When you are a student you have to learn.So, you character is a perrson who listens to the teacher and talks but,does his/her work.

Did a kofa high school teacher date a student?

Yes, there have been several instances. Student Brian Kennedy + French teacher Rovielle Student Cami Byrd + English teacher Billy Gilmer Student Marian Perez + English teacher Billy Gilmer Basketball coach Lynn + several students Math teacher Lujan + several students

Why is pratical spoken English program is imaportant for the student?

because if teacher speak english you will andrestand it and if teacher ask you to speak her/his english now you will andrestand it

Who is your favorite character in movie the good student?

Your teacher does not want to know MY favorite character - they want to know YOUR favorite.

A sentence for character?

the teacher character was so roud to students when she was many them learn the english characters

What is the character in the short story title the teacher by catherine lim?

The teacher Tan Geok Peng(student) minor role:teacher's colleague

What is the theme of a nice citizen?

This beautiful letter says the important of teacher in the character formation of a student

What does Esol mean?

English speakers of other languages the teacher that speaks how ever many languages manly English and espanol (Spanish) and if a student moves to the school and only knows Spanish the teacher will help the student learn English or improve on his/her English. same process with other languages.

Farewell to the teacher from a student?

Farwell speech to the teacher from a student

Why should a teacher be a student?

A teacher should be a student because a teacher also learns from the students

Who is important a student or a teacher?

Both because a teacher cannot teach without a student and a student cannot learn without a teacher.

What does it mean if a student responds to a teacher defiantly?

If a student responds to a teacher defiantly, it means that the student is being stubborn and talking back at the teacher who is suppose to be teaching his/her student.

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