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Q: How had poverty affected the Ewell’s physical health and opportunities for education?
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How had poverty affect the Ewell’s physical health and opportunities for education?


What is the recommendation about poverty?

The most common recommendations in regards to poverty is to gain an education. Education is key to success in most cases, and will offer better opportunities for employment.

What are the major effects of poverty in India?

Crime, violence, children, healthcare, and education are 5 things which are negatively affected by poverty in India.

How would education eliminate poverty?

Education can't eliminate poverty, it can only reduce it. Poverty will continue to be created by social situations, government policies, and natural disasters; circumstances not affected by educating a population. Each instance of poverty must be dealt with as it occurs with the tools to address that instance.

What are the main correlates of poverty?

Parents socioeconomic status, also race, location, education levels, resources, and job opportunities within the district are a few of the things that correlate with poverty.

What are the effects of poor educations?

Poor education can have mortifying effects on the economy such as fewer job opportunities and an develop in the number of people living in poverty.

Discuss five possible causes of poverty?

There are many reasons for poverty, but the top five would be: lack of education, environment, unemployment, illness - physical or mental, addiction, or bad luck. Of all five, education is the most likely to pull a person out of poverty over the long haul.

What can be done to eliminate poverty?

Education, and only education can eliminate poverty.

What is the similarity between poverty and education?

Because of poverty education is not taken

What group is most affected by poverty?

The groups that are most affected by poverty is the Irish and African American.

What is the impact of adult education in poverty alleviation?

None, I have two degrees one in Chemistry the other in Biology and I am still poor. education is great if there are opportunities to apply such skills and erudition and gain better wages or profits. If, however such forces as free trade eliminate places where skills and knowledge can be applied, there will be erudite, poverty stricken individuals. Eduction is only good of social and economic cultural supports are available. You need a community that endorses education and a job or entrepreneurial business that rewards education for adult education to alleviate poverty.

What are the alleviation of poverty?

There is no single policy that will alleviate poverty. History has shown that things like decent paying jobs, education availability, social programs, and community organizations have the best record for addressing poverty. It's not possible to eliminate all poverty because the causes and people affected are constantly changing.

How many children are affected by poverty?

3 million children are affected by poverty because of loss of money and parents but youcan help kids by sending them to a poverty shelter

What are the effects of poverty on education?

Education is not a human being; the effects of poverty on people is always negative.

What are the living conditions in Guatemala?

The living conditions in Guatemala are not desirable. Poverty is rampant in most areas which has affected education, employment and other essential aspects of life.

How did the Great Depression affect Europe?

The Great Depression affected Europe in many ways because it began a decade of high unemployment rates, poverty, and lost opportunities for personal advancement and economic growth.

Should the poor be blamed for their poverty?

No, poor people cannot be blamed because they are living in poverty. Most poor people were born in poverty which immediately places them at a disadvantage because they will have fewer education opportunities and will be living in conditions which makes it difficult to get out of poverty, therefore they are stuck in a poverty trap. Poor people usually have to work very hard every day and they are definitely not poor because they are lazy. It would be immoral to blame the poor for being poor.

Explain how education eliminates poverty?

Education would help poverty because the more education you have, the more likely you'll be to go to college, and after college get a job. If more people had jobs there would be less people in poverty.

What are the causes of poverty in nigeria?

Poverty is usually caused by lack of funds, food and education.

What are the best possible solutions of poverty?

EDUCATION will be always the best possible solution of poverty.

What are the solution for poverty?

I think this is the great solution for poverty, education and economics development are two major issues that will help prevent poverty.....

What causes Cambodian refugees?

Poverty, political unrest, few educational opportunities.

What is the poverty cycle?

The poverty cycle is a cycle that shows the different factors of poverty. Born into poverty- health problems- lack of education- lack of job-(that is the poverty cycle but it keeps on repeating

What has the author Thomas I Ribich written?

Thomas I. Ribich has written: 'Education and poverty' -- subject(s): United States, Occupational training, Education, Economic aspects, Poverty, Economic aspects of Education

Is education the ticket out of poverty?

i believe so because if you are living in poverty, by receiving an education growing up you realize that whatever state that i was in whiles as a child when i grow up by receiving an education i can make life better for me and my family