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it depends on the breed of horses. horses can weigh between 840 and 2200 pounds, so the answer will vary a lot.

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How many pounds is an adult African elephant?

The average weight of an adult African forest elephant is 3 tons. The average weight of an adult African bush elephant is 6-1/2 tons.

How much does a horses heart weigh?

a horses brain weighs about 3-4 pounds at least

How many pounds are in 3 pounds?

3 pound it is obvious because 3 pounds = to 3 pounds

How many horses can you have on petz horsez 2?

6 horses you can have 3 foals and 3 horses (ds)

How big are elephants when they are first born?

"…At birth the African elephant weighs about 260 pounds and the Asian elephant 220 pounds…" Horns, Tusks, and Flippers, Donald Prothero and Robert Schoch, 2002."…At birth an elephant calf weighs around 260 pounds and stands about two feet nine inches at the shoulder…." - Elephant Memories, Cynthia Moss, 2000"…Newborn elephants weigh about 260 pounds and are less than 3 feet tall a the shoulder…" Elephants, Karen Dudley, 1997Elephant calves average 3 ft. in height and 260 lbs. at birth.

How many syllables are there in the word elephant?

elephant e - le - phant There are 3 syllables.

How many pieces does the elephant have in Halo 3?

Elephant has a lot since its so huge.

How many horses are on earth?

3 million Quarter horses 3 million Arabians These are the emost popular horses on earth,

How many servings are there in 3 pounds of grapes?

How many servings in 3 pounds of grapes

How many pounds are in 13 stone 3 pounds?

13 stone 3 pounds = 185 pounds

How many pounds in 13 stone 3 pounds?

13 stone 3 pounds is 185 pounds.

Normal weight for a 3 month old?

For a human baby girl their weight at 3 months is between 6 pounds and 11 pounds. the average is 8.2 pounds. For a human baby boy it's 7 pounds to 12 pounds, average is 9 pounds. For a baby elephant its between 100 and 160 pounds.

How many kilos are in 3 pounds?

3 pounds = 1.36 kilograms.

How many pounds is 3 stones?

3 stone = 42 pounds.

How many pounds in 3 kilos?

3 kilograms = 6.61386787 pounds

How many ounces is 3 pounds?

48 onces = 3 pounds

How many pounds are in 3 kilos?

3 kilograms = 6.61 pounds.

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