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Q: How many time my rosemary plant can growth?
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Related questions

How does dish soap affect plant growth?

It will kill the plant over time.

Why do after plant cells divide growth only continues at the tip of a plant?

it doesn't plant's get thicker with time.

What is a chemical that controls plants growth?

The plant growth hormone Auxin is controlled by circadian rhythms within the plant. The discovery explains how plants can time their growth to take advantage of resources such as light and water, and suggests that many other processes may be influenced by circadian rhythms.

What can you research for a project if the topic is does music effect plant growth?

You can research on the Internet plants growth over time and then grow your own plant that you play music on regularly and compare the two.

Does manhandling a plant affect its growth?

You can improve the growth of a plant by trimming or ripping the roots apart when you are planting it. This will encourage the roots to put on new growth and can improve the root structure, and therefore the health and vigour of a plant. This is expecially important when you are planting something that has been in a pot for a long time.

Does talking to a plant effect is growth?

Only if you become annoying after a period of time..

Whats two differences between plant and animal growth?

1. Plants show a diffuse growth ( all over the body) while plant growth is restricted to growing regions only ( meristems) 2. Plant growth is continuous throughout the life (indeterminate) while animals stop growing after a certain period of time ( determinate)

Comparison between Absolute Growth rate with Relative Growth Rate?

Measurement and the comparison of total growth per unit time is called absolute growth rate whereas the identification of speed of plant growth is called absolute growth rate.

How much time and money does it take for a plant to grow?

it depends upon what plant we are growing?however inducing growth hormones that means phytohormones like auxin,giberrelin etc can make its growth faster and so money also depends what plant we are growing

What are the processes that erase impact craters on the Earth over time?

Water movement. Ice movement. Plant growth. Time.

What time of year is rosemary available?

The herb Rosemary is available all year as it is very hardy.

What does the symbol of rosemary mean on Anzac day?

Rosemary is a universal symbol of remembrance. ANZAC Day is a time of remembrance, when we reflect on the many lives that were lost, not only at Gallipoli, but which have been lost in wars since then.

A plant sits on a window sill over time the stems of the plant curve toward the light coming in the window this process is called?

A . Phototropism is directional growth in which the direction of growth is determined by the direction of the light source. (

When is it time to trim your bushes?

Around late spring. That's because spring is the time duting plant reportducction. This revolves around growth.

How do you determine which variable goes on the x-axis?

The variable that goes on the x axis is the independent variable. For example if you were measuring time and plant growth you would put time on the x axis, because the time is independent and doesn't depend on the plan growth.

How does sugar effect bean sprout growth?

If you add too much sugar, it can hurt a plant, or prevent it from growing. Usually, you should only add sugar to a plant that is sick, or one that needs more nutrients. It is best to just water your plant with regular water and fertilize it from time to time. However, this is not always true, because on other sites i found out that sugar can greatly effect the growth of plants in a positive way; in many experiments, people discovered that the plants with the sugar added to them did the best.

What determines the flowering time in many plants?

The amount of darkness a plant receives determines the time of flowering of many plant species

What actors and actresses appeared in Rosemary - 1992?

The cast of Rosemary - 1992 includes: Marc Alaimo Jaime Hubbard Time Winters

What effect did the growth of California have on Mexicans who had lived there for a long time?

The growth of California had various effects on Mexicans who had lived there for a long time. For example, many lost their jobs.

We want to cover a greenhouse frame with UV-resistant polyethylene but don't want to hinder growth potential in the plants so do UV rays help or hinder plant growth?

UV resistant polythene should not hinder plant growth, UV resistant refers to the material itself, if it is not UV resistant it will discolor and become brittle over time.

What is the difference in the effects of the growth of plants based on using salt water in one plant and tap water for the other plant for a time period of two weeks?

The salt water will die the plants bad nutrients and bad chemicals and it will kill the plant. The tap water chemicals will not affect the growth of the plant. It might not work as well as distilled water because there is chlorine in it but it is fine

What is the effects of exhaust fumes on plants?

Increase in growth among certain species over variations of time with possibility of plant infection.

When and how do you prune peach trees?

Pruning should be done before the plant really starts to bud out in the Spring. To encourage new growth, this is the best time. For shaping, anytime the plant is dormant will work.

How old is Rosemary Clooney?

Rosemary Clooney was born on May 23, 1928 and died on June 29, 2002. Rosemary Clooney would have been 74 years old at the time of death or 87 years old today.

How do you prune a rosemary?

you dont Rosemary is a wonderful plant. It looks great, smells wonderful and has a great number of uses; decorative, culinary, medicinal, aroma-therapeutic, and magical. I'd have to say, unless you are growing one as an ornamental, pruning is less of an need, however every time you cut branches from the plant, for using in any of the afore mentioned reasons it can technically be considered pruning. The plant that grew in my garden in Arizona was five feet high, four feet wide, and two feet deep and I kept it "hedge" shaped by constant pruning... my cooking benefited greatly from the "prunings". For additional info on the Rosemary her check out the web site listed below.