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Q: How to find out that if we are anemic?
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How do you use Anemic in a sentence?

I am an anemic

When do you use iron?

When you are anemic. When you are anemic.

What part of speech is anemic?

Anemic is an adjective.

What is the opposite of anemic?

Anemia is an illness. The opposite of anemic is healthy.

When was Anemic Cinema created?

Anemic Cinema was created in 1926.

Anemic in a sentence?

The patient was anemic, due to a lack of iron in her diet.

Once you are anemic will you always be anemic?

No you will not be, it all depends on what the doc said

Is Jack barakat anemic?

Yes. Jack is anemic. And Zack is color-blind.

What to take if your anemic?

Iron is a good mineral supplement to take if one is anemic.

What is a sentence using the word anemic?

"I felt anemic after hiking through the woods yesterday"

What should anemic people eat?

Red meat and a lot of iron are good for anemic people.

What rhymes with anemic?


What is enemic?

It is a mis-spelling of ANEMIC

Why do you have a hemoglobin test?

To check if you are anemic

What mineral is an anemic lacking?


Was Michael Jackson anemic?


What mineral are you deficient in if you are anemic?


How do you put anemic in a sentence?

"So pale was the skin of the bride, that Roderigo suspected she was anemic." "The doctor advised his anemic patient to drink plenty of fluids to help replace the blood he'd lost in the accident."

How do you spell anemic?

The US spelling is anemic (having a low red blood cell count). The UK spelling is anaemic.

Can an anemic person consume alchol?

Alcohol causes or complicates anemia in a variety of ways, and should not be used by people who are anemic.

What is wrong with Sue Sylvester's baby?


Why are renal failure patients anemic?

i want answer

Can you fast if you are anemic?

sorry i dont know

Adjective form of anaemia?

anemic or anaemic

What does it mean to be anemic?

When someone is anemic it means that their body does not have enough healthy red blood cells. These cells are the ones that provide oxygen to the body.