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Q: How Anatomical Similarities use evidence of evolution?
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How do scientists use similarities in early development as evidence for evolution?

By examining fossils and by determining their relative and absolute ages, scientists have collected evidence that supports the theory that species changed over time.

What do scientists use fossil evidence to prove?


How do you use the word countervail in a sentence?

"The evidence for evolution countervails over the arguments against it." THis means that evidence for evolution counteracts the arguments against it.

Biochemical analysts use similarities in what as evidence for evolutionary relationships?

Biochemical analysis uses similarities in DNA, amino acid sequences, as evidence for evolutionary relationships

Forensic pathologist use evidence to find what evidence in favor of evolution and natural selection?

direct evidence is the observation as it occurs

Use incontrovertible in a sentence?

The theory of evolution is not supported by incontrovertible evidence.

Why genomics be important for evolution research?

Biologists can use computer databases to study molecules of evolution and the patterns similarities and differences in biological data

Why did Charles Darwin use selective breeding as evidence for evolution?

Because he wanted to mada fakars

What evidence did Darwin use to present his case for evolution?

He said that as giraffe stretching out their necks get longer and longer

Which of the types of evidence can scientists reliably use to study the evolution of the variety of lemur body types?


How can you use anatomical in a sentence?

This student must have an anatomical defect, because he cannot write this sentence for himself.

What types of evidence do scientists use to support evolution?

Fossils, D.N.A., vestigial organs or structure, same structure diffrent function.