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How Can You Tell If A Boy Fancies You?

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you know if he is going to kiss you because he keeps looking at your lips and licking his

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How do you know if a boy fancy's you?

You can tell if a boy fancies you by if he stares at you all the time and makes excuses to tuch you.

Can you tell that a boy fancies you by the expression in his eyes when he looks at you?

yes ,if he likes you his eyes get bigger

How do you tell if a guy fancies you?

Answer: You can tell because the boy will always want to be with you and he'll tease you(try to wind you up)

How do you tell if a boy fancies you?

You can tell a boy likes you from the way he looks at you, talks to you and the way he treats you. They say signs speak better than words, the things he does for or to you could tell alot about what he thinks or feels about you.

How do you tell if someone else likes you?

My friend will either tell the boy he fancies her or will ask around from other people. It works for her. But she blonde and gorgeous......

How do you tell who a boy fancies?

well to be honest its hard to tell who bois fancie because there not the tpe to show it but he migth act diffrent in front of the person he fancies or act nicer and show of in front of his matets i hope this helps u x

What does l mean. a boy messaged me it but he fancies me and i dont know what l means?

If a boy messaged you that he fancies you, that means he likes you or has a crush on you.

How can you tell if she fancies you?

You ask her out, and she says yes.

How do you flirt with a boy you fancy?

Basically flirting is teasing a good tip is if you tell him that you friend fancies him (but don't tell him that its actually you) then that will get him to talk to you then enventually give in and tell him that you 'friend' who fancies him is actually you. that's serious flirting it worked for me because i am now married to that guy i did that to! good luck an remember carry on flirting and he will soon get the hint!

You fancy a boy but he is bi and he fancies a guy what do you do?

make him interested in you

A boy fancies me. How do I let him know I like him too?

You pull him over and tell him. If he likes you then he will take it really well. Maybe even kiss you. :D

How do you know if a boy fancies you?

if he likes you you should find him staring at you with a look of admiaration.

What does it mean when a boy fancies you?

It means he like you and would like to get to know you better.

What does it mean if a guy fancies you?

What it means is the boy doesnt quite like you but he has a thing for you

What does a lesbian mean?

lesbian means that a girl fancies or loves another girl. Gay means that a boy fancies/ loves another boy. Homosexual means that person loves their own gender. A lesbian is a gay woman.

A boy fancies you but when he fnd out that you like him he acts all cocky and cheecky and asking you why you are touching him and he has a separate girlfriend what does he mean to the girl he fancies?

I'd say move on to another boy. Judging by what you provided in your Q, this boy wants to play and have his fun. Don't waste your time.

I sit next to a boy in maths and his mate said that boy fancies me i don't know if this is true please help?

Ask him.

What do you do when you fancy this boy he fancies you but another girl as well?

Ask him out before the other girl.

How can you know if a gay boy fancies you?

If you wana know if he loves you so its in his kiss...thats where it is

The boy you like texts your sister all the time what do you do?

You could ask your sister to chat with him about who he fancies. Be aware that it might turn out he fancies your sister, and in that case you would have to stay out of their business.

How do you know a boy fancies you?

There are many different ways to tell...(e.g he laughs at all your jokes, he look into your eyes and doesn't back down, he always wants to sit next to you in class..ect)

If the boy is shy then how do you know he fancies you?

well, if a shy boy fancy you he will try to avoid you! so the best thing to do is to try and talk to one of his mates and tell them how much you like him. maybe they can sort things out? you will never no if they like you unless you admit it or ask?

Im a boy What does it mean if your best mate who is a boy says he loves you?

Well it means that he fancies you and is probably gay. Try not to be harsh on him. its not his fault that he has these feelings. hes probably confused. try talking to him. Obviously if you dont like him that way an are straight then tell him this.

If a boy fancies a girl does he get jealous when he sees her flirting with other boys?

Some do, some don't.

What do you do if a boy that you fancy fancies you but there best friend hates you?

Try hving a coversation if that does not work the tell your boyfriend/girlfriend to talk to them if that doesn't work you guyts are not ment for each other or him and his friends are not ment to be friends.