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Here is the detailed story about the working of computer viruses



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Q: How Computer Viruses Work?
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Related questions

What are the risks of viruses?

Viruses can harm your computer. It makes your computer unhealthy. Your files can be lost and your work can stuck.

What does viruses do to a computer?

they are send by a person so your computer dosen't work

How can computer viruses affect your business?

If your work computer gets a virus it can crash and once crashed you can't work anymore.

Why do computers have viruses?

There are bad people in the world, and they want to assess your computer or ruin it for you. They create viruses to do the dirty work for them.

Does windows computer viruses work on mac computers?

No. Mac computers are more secure, and have a very difficult code for the computer. There are only a few mac viruses.

How do you get viruses on your computer?

when you download a program on your computer that has a viruses

What are backdoor programs?

They are computer viruses that let hackers and other viruses in to your computer undetected. They are computer viruses that let hackers and other viruses in to your computer undetected.

If you crash your computer will it get rid of viruses?

no it will not work you will just give it another virus

Do computer viruses cause your computer speakers not to work?

It really depends on what virus you got on your computer. If the virus is aimed to disable your audio then yes a computer virus can cause your audio to not work.

How does an apple computer work?

The Apple Computer works just like a regular computer but a little faster and spend less time trying to get it to work and never get viruses

Why doesn't work on my computer?

Your computer could have viruses... Consult a PC doctor or just google your problems.

How do you get viruses out of computer?

by anti-viruses

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