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How Demeter become a goddess?

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Demeter was born a divine goddess.

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She was born of Rhea and Cronus making her a goddess by birth.

In Greek myth Demeter was born a goddess from Titan god parents Cronus and Rhea.

They were both deities, Ceres was simply the Roman incarnation of Demeter.

Demeter was an earth fertility goddess.harvest and agricultureharvestDemeter was the goddess of the harvest, but also of agriculture and fertility.Demeter is the goddess of the harvest.

Demeter was the Greek goddess of agriculture.

Yes, in ancient Greek religion Demeter is a goddess. Demeter is the goddess of agriculture and mother of Persephone, goddess of the spring and queen of the Underworld.

Demeter is the greek goddess of harvest and flowers.

Demeter is the Greek goddess of earth and harvest.

No, the Roman equivalent of Demeter is Ceres.

She was daughter of the god Zeus and the goddess Demeter. Having two godly parents made her a goddess from birth.

Flora was the Goddess of Flowers. To others it was Demeter. Due to that Demeter was the Goddess of grains and plants.

Demeter is and earth fertility goddess. Also goddess of the harvest and agriculture

Demeter, Artemis is the goddess of hunting and the moon.

No, Hades was the God of the Underworld, and Demeter was the Goddess of Harvest

Demeter was the Goddess of Hearth and was Pershesponone's mother.

Demeter was not a god. She was a goddess, the goddess of the Harvest in Greek mythology.

There was no "god of Demeter", Demeter was a Greek goddess.

the goddess is Demeter

Demeter Is the Goddess Of Agriculture.

No, she was not. Demeter had children.

Demeter, being female, is a goddess. She was the goddess of fertility, agriculture, nature, and the four seasons.

was Demeter the greek goddess of the home, the moon, or the agriculture

Demeter was the Greek Goddess of agriculture (commonly corn or wheat)

Demeter was a goddess, born of the Titan goddess Rhea and the god Kronos.

There is no age and no birth date given for the Greek goddess Demeter.

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