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Throw water on it. depends the type of wood fire:there are three types of wood fire like: 1. the ones of paper and wood 2.the ones of gasoline or chemicals 3.the ones of the gas on a stove

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What happens when you put wood in water?

if wood is burning then the fire will stop igniting and if it is simple than it will get only wet

What is meant fire resistance of timber?

Wood (timber) burns quite readily. However - it can be treated with fire-retardant chemicals that slow-down or stop wood catching fire. The chemicals coat the wood - forming a barrier against flames and heat.

Why are there ladders on roofs in quebec?

in case of a fire and to stop leaks because there roofs were made of wood

Why you can't put out a elecctrical fire with water?

With a wood fire, wood gets hot. The wood turns to a gas. Oxygen from the air mixes with the gas from the wood and they create combustion. When water is added, it cools down the wood. It also turns to steam blocking oxygen from the air from getting to the wood. So water does two things. It makes the wood so it will not get hot enough to turn to gas. It stops oxygen from getting to the wood. With an electrical fire, the source of the fire is the electric current. It causes the heat. Pouring water on it will not stop the electric current and stop the heat. It will simply give the electricity more places to go. The first thing to do in case of an electric fire is turn off the electricity.

How should you put out a wood fire?

Sand, water or a fire extinguisher are all effective at putting out a wood fire.

In the novel outsiders who is Jerry wood?

Jerry Wood is the man by the fire at the church who tries to stop Ponyboy and Johnny from going in. Also, the man who is in the ambulance and hospital alongside Ponyboy.

What happens when you start a fire with a moist wood?

Trying to start a fire with damp wood is very difficult. When I backpack I always carry some tinder (dry shavings) to start a fire. Wet wood will not burn unless the fire is hot enough to evaporate the water that is in the wood. You can burn damp wood on an already burning fire but it will not burn as hot. Wet wood tends to smoke a lot and may go out on a small fire that does not have a good coal base. I have had to use damp wood to start a fire before but I had to shave down the wood until I found dry wood inside. Once you get a small fire started gradually add wood until you can get a hot fire. Too much wet wood at once can put out a fire. Not a good thing when you are cold and wet. Be patient.

Is an abc fire extinguisher be appropriate to use on burning wood?

Yes. Wood is a type A fire.

What fire extinguisher used if wood catches the fire?

Wood is one of the simpler cases, in terms of fire. You can use any fire extinguisher on burning wood. Water, foam, powder, CO2, all work.

Is an abc fire extinguisher rated for wood?

Yes, a wood fire is Class A and an ABC can be used on a Class A, B or C fire.

What wood is good for kids furniture?

Wood that is not on fire.

What happens when lighting strikes a tree and can the dead wood be used for fire wood?

well the tree would probably set on fire and the dead wood could possibly be used for fire

How do you start a fire with fire wood?

Fire is made by the sun, if you want to go camping, and make a fire from wood, get a bunch of wood and you only do this in the daytime before the sun is gone. And pack one or two magnifying glasses. Put the magnifying glass in front of the sun from were you are. And do this when it is very hot outside. Then the sun will shine through, and it will heat up the wood and then you have to wait awhile and then, fire will be on the wood. THATS HOW YOU MAKE FIRE.

What is the minimum distance from a fire that wood can be without catching fire on Minecraft?

Generaly if a wood block is not touching a flaming block or a block that can be set on fire, the chances of the wood catching on fire is very low (although still possible)

How should you use fire doors?

you use fire doors for when there is fire . fire door is for stop a smoke and fire for a few minuts for get people out and firer man to come and stop fire by water for stop fire not become bigger.

When wood burns in fire what happens to the wood?

it turns into coal

How do you stop a fire?

To stop a fire, cool the fire below ignition temperature, cut off the air to the fire, or remove the fuel from the fire.

Uses for wood?


What energy is in fire?

Fire is the emission of heat and light energy as the wood burns. When wood burns, it produces ash, carbon dioxide, and energy (fire).

What is a homonym for would?

wood We burned wood in the camp fire. The table is made of wood.

Do you burn wood on the fire or in the fire?

Neither... The wood is the fuel, but first it needs to become a gas. The gas is what burns.

How do you stop a fire involving gas?

Use a carbon dioxide fire extinguisher to stop a gas fire.

How is fire created?

fire is created by starter wood and a match

what do you do when there is a fire?

stop drop & roll

How do you build a fire on sims castaway?

First you get wood. Then you go to the fire pit. Tap on it. It will make fire. Tap that. Then you rub on the wood. When you do it enough it will say blow. Then you blow. Walla you have a fire.

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