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Plug it into the computer. Get on iTunes and check the songs that you want to delete. Then at the top of the screen hit delete. Or you can just delete them individually.


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delete the songs you want off your ipod off your itunes library. plug your ipod back in and it will update.

Yes, you can delete songs off of a jailbroken iPod Touch (but only through iTunes).

This ipod manage software can transfer the files from ipod to computer, ipod to iTunes, and iPod to iPod:

You have to log onto your iTunes account on your computer and delete all of the songs there. You can't do it on your iPod.

uncheck them in your itunes then sync your ipod. Then they should be on your itunes but not your ipod.

you cant! you need to get songs off Itunes

you cant download the songs on your ipod unless you buy them. Songs contain wma, itunes does not use that. get a converter on your computer.

Either delete it off your Itunes and synchronise your Ipod or check add ticked songs then untick the song.

no you cant because the ipod was only made to read songs off itunes sorry

No, you cannot download free songs off of the internet onto your iPod Touch. The main reason is because it is illegal to download free songs from the internet.

yes you can delete songs all you have to do is check it off of your list

yeah just shut off your ipod or erase everything on your pod like everything it works!!!!!how do i know??????? have ipod and it works

That's quite easy all you have to do is delete your sisters songs that are physically in your iPod and leave ur sisters songs in the itunes library (if u didnt put them into the library then transfer the songs from ur iPod to ur itunes library then delete them)

by downloading the songs on the CD on the computer and plug in your iPod and pick what songs you want on your iPod

You can't delete directly from your ipod, delete the songs of itunes and then sync your ipod. A pop up will come up telling you there are songs on your pod not on itunes click no or never

The easy way to do what you want to do is to make a file called Christmas songs and list the songs in that file. It will stay on your IPod, but you just don't listen to them. You could also go in Itunes and uncheck the songs in your library that are Christmas songs. Do a sync of your library to your IPod and the songs will stay in the library, but not be on the IPod. When you want them back go in to Itunes and check them, sync, and they will be back on your IPod. If you want only Christmas songs you would check all the songs that are not Christmas and sync. Either way the songs stay in your Itunes library, but are not on the IPod.

plug your iPod into your computer and right click on the song on your ipods song list and hit clear

If your iPod is locked, then you cannot put songs on it. You have to enter the password and unlock the iPod to add songs to it.

Yes, there is a way.Connect your iPod to iTunes and open up iTunes.Go to the iPod's music library.Right-mouse click on the one song you want off.Then click Delete.Now it is off of your iPod, and all the other songs remain.

You add songs to your ipod by using itunes.

You can drag the songs from Library to "___'s iPod".

Yes,but all the songs you synced off your friends computer will be gone.I would reccommend putting the songs you want off your friends computer on to a blank CD and syncing the CD to your library.

I lost my ipod touch and the songs is there anyway i can get my songs back?

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