Sound Waves

How Does soundwaves travel through?

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How does sound travel through a slinky?

Sound does not travel through a slinky. This is just a science experiment to SHOW how soundwaves travel.

Sound travels fastest in which medium and why?

sound would travel faster in a solid because it is a denser object for the soundwaves to travel through

How do soundwaves travel?

Are you dull, think what are you doing always asking .

What is the shape and structure of soundwaves when travelling through air?

Sound waves are when travailing through the air form a parentheses like shape like that ) varying in size and speed a travel.

Who is the scientist that discovered soundwaves?

Da Vinci & later Robert Boyle concluded they must travel thru a medium.

Are soundwaves matter?

no it is not matter

What collects soundwaves?


Does the dark affect soundwaves?


Does gravity affect soundwaves?

Does gravity affect soundwaves? I am wondering for my brother, not for biology. I got my questions mixed up. Sorry about that. So, I still would like an answer, please.

What causes the auditory ossicles to vibrate?

The sound waves, coming through the auditory canal, strike the tympanic membrane (eardrum).The eardrum vibrates because of the soundwaves.This vibration is picked up by the ossicles and transmitted through the middle ear to the oval window.Therefore it is the soundwaves causing the eardrum to vibrate that ultimately makes the ossicles vibrate.

Is loudness related to the frequency of soundwaves?


Are soundwaves longitudinal waves?


What are the release dates for Soundwaves - 1983?

Soundwaves - 1983 was released on: USA: 30 March 1983 (San Francisco, California)

What kind of waves create sound?


What is vibrating in a instrument?

the soundwaves ecoing off

What can light travel through that sound cant travel through?

light can travel through a vacuum whereas sound cant

What actors and actresses appeared in Soundwaves - 1983?

The cast of Soundwaves - 1983 includes: Steven Kirk as Himself - Host Dennis Willis as Himself - Host

Can sound travel through a vaccum?

No, sound cannot travel through a vaccum, since there are no molecules/atoms for the sound to travel through... -.-

Which waves travel through a medium?

Mechanical waves, such as sound waves travel through a medium. They cannot travel through a vacuum.

What can sound not travel through?

Since sound is a mechanical wave (it needs a substance to travel through) it cannot travel through a vacuum.

What is the medium for the soundwaves from a stereo speaker?

Air is the medium

What are the waves of the vibration in an air column called?

?? soundwaves?

Do mircrowaves have the longest wavelength?

No, soundwaves (radio waves) do.

How are soundwaves used for communication?

Talking and listening.

What causes soundwaves?

Vibrations cause sound waves