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Q: How Does the New Testament Survey Helps Us?
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What is the value of Old Testament?

The value of the Old Testament is to allow us to understand the New Testament. The Old Testament points to the New Testament and shows us why we need a savior.

Geological survey for the us?

Helps constitute for the progress of peace

What new testament book tells us of the work of the early church?

What new testament book tells us of the work of the early church

What does the bible tell us about the christian belief?

the bible is spilt into two sections: The old testament an the new testament. the old testament tells us about the creation of the earth and life before Jesus and the new testament tells us about Jesus' life.

What is the connection between the Old Testament and the New Testament?

The prophets in the old testament told us what would happen in the future, and it was fulfilled in the New Testament, like the birth of christ.

Why is the New Testament important?

The new testament is important as it contains the teaching of Jesus, it also tells us of the last days.

What book of the new testament tells us of the future?


What do you call stories in the bible that teach us a lesson?

In the Old Testament, these stories are called examples to us; and in the New Testament, they are called parables.

What is the difference between Old Testament and New Testament concepts of justice?

the old testament is more based on the 'olden' days.we have a different out look tords things so the old testament was written to show us the stories of is the new one.but its best for us to read the new one b/c it relates more to us now!

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Why is the New Testament in the bible important?

when Jesus came to earth, died and rose again he brought the new way of life with him and that's what the new testament is there for to teach us... also to reveal to us what will happen in the end- times

How many times does God say He will be with us or is with us?

There are 39 books in the Old Testament and 27 books in the New Testament. The word Testament means covenant or promise. The Bible constantly tells us in one form or another that God is with us. A covenant (promise). The New Testament is not of sacrifice but of Love. When Jesus died on the cross the new covenant began. We still must obey all of the commandments in the Old Testament but the new covenant began. All through the new Testament it tells of how God is with us. He knows we are not perfect and He does not expect us to be. But if we ask for forgiveness, at anytime, God will forgive us. He is always everywhere and always with us. If we ask for forgiveness and really mean it, God must and will forgive us. Instantly and forever. Never to remember those shortcomings again. We can do this because God is with us always. He promises.

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