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Dougie and Harry both auditioned for Mcfly,and the auditions were organised by Tom and Danny!!! :D

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Is Dougie McFly single?

no dougie from mcfly is in a relationship

How old is dougie from mcfly?

He is 23Dougie from McFly is 23.

What is dougie from mcfly real name?

Dougie Poynter

How old is doughie mcfly?

Dougie from McFly is 23.

In mcfly who do love the most Dougie Danny Tom or Harry?


When is Dougie out of McFly birthday?

Dougie Poynters birthday is the 30th of November.

Had dougie left mcfly?

No, he was in rehab-_-

Is dougie poynter in mcfly?


Dougie do you have a girlfriend?

If you are referring to Dougie Poynter from McFly, he is dating Abi Fry.

Who is dougie poynter from mcfly dating?

Dougie isn't currently dating anyone.

Does Dougie from McFly go out with anyone?

Dougie Poynter from McFly is currently dating Frankie Sandford from the Saturdays. She's a well lucky girl.

Does Dougie from mcfly have a kid?

No ( no yet anyway!)

Are mcfly single?

Dougie Poynter is single.

Is dougie poynter the youngest in mcfly?


Is dougie poynter from mcfly dead?

Dougie Is Poynter Is Not Dead he is In FACT still alive

What is dougie from mcfly surname?

His Name Is Dougie Poynter. All McFly Fans Know That Their Names Are: Harry Judd, Danny Jones, Dougie Poynter + Tom Fletcher. Really.... Some People haha

Is Dougie Poynter from the band McFly a dad?

First of all Dougie is 21 and secondly he does not have a son.

What does dougie poynter play in mcfly?

He plays the Bass

When was dougie from mcfly born?

30th November 1987

Who won celebrity get you out of here 2011?

dougie out of mcfly

Who is Frankie sandfords ex?

Dougie Poynter from McFly

Is dougie from mcfly gay?

No, he's dating Abi Fry.

Is Danny Jones from mcfly a virgin?

Most definitely not. Dougie has it.

What are the names of the members of Mcfly?

Tom, Harry, Dougie, and Danny :)

Is dougie poynter British?

Yes, Dougie poynter was born in Essex 1989 all the mcfly boys are british.

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