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Q: How From where did the governor choose officers for the first black regiment?
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What is the Massachusetts 54Th?

The 54th Massachusetts Regiment was an all-black infantry regiment organized in Massachusetts and lead by Col. Shaw and other white officers. It was one of the first black regiments organized by free black men of the North.

Who created the 54th regiment of Massachusetts?

The 54th Massachusetts Infantry Regiment was created by the US War Department, upon request from the Governor of the state to form such a unit.Additional information:The 54th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry Regiment was an infantry regiment that saw extensive federal service in the Union Army during the American Civil War. The regiment was one of the first official black units in the United States armed forces. An earlier regiment of Black freedmen, the 1st Rhode Island Regiment, had fought alongside George Washington in the Revolutionary War.The regiment was authorized in March 1863 by the Governor of Massachusetts, John A Andrew. Commanded by Colonel Robert Gould Shaw, it sprang to life after the passage of the Emancipation Proclamation. Secretary of War Edwin M Stanton decided white officers would be in charge of all "colored" units. Colonel Shaw was hand picked by Governor John Andrew. Governor Andrew also selected Norwood Penrose "Pen" Hallowell as the unit's second in command, a rank of Lieutenant Colonel. Like many officers of regiments of African-American troops, both Shaw and Hallowell were promoted several grades, both being captains at the time. The rest of the officers were evaluated by Shaw and Hallowell. Many of these officers were of abolitionist families and several were chosen by Governor Andrew himself. Lt. Col. Norwood Hallowell was joined by his younger brother Edward Needles Hallowell who was eventually appointed major in the regiment and would later command it after Shaw's death. Twenty-four of the twenty-nine officers were veterans but only six had been previously commissioned.At the Battle of Fort Wagner, the 54th showed valor in a losing cause.

What kind of troops formed the 54th Massachusetts' regiments?

ANSWER The 54th Regiment of Massachusetts Regiment (coloured) was formed of black troops. It was raised by by the Governor of Massachusetts John Andrews in March 1863, shortly after the Proclamation of Emancipation. As the black population had a small size, the rank were filled also by black volunteers coming from other states of the New England and from New York.

When colonel Shaw sits down to Christmas dinner with other officers what is their opinion of an all black regiment?

What happens to Thomas during the battle of James island in July of 1863

When was Black Watch - Royal Highland Regiment - created?

Black Watch - Royal Highland Regiment - was created in 1725.

When did Black Watch - Royal Highland Regiment - end?

Black Watch - Royal Highland Regiment - ended in 2006.

Why did black soldiers often face greater hardships that white soldiers?

They were judged by the color of their skin. They were often given menial jobs, lower pay, and worked under white officers. They were organized in all-black regiments, and many served for no pay rather than be demeaned by lower pay than whites. A famous regiment that increased black enlistment in the army was the 54th Massachusetts Regiment which showed great bravery.

How did the 54th regiment change the face of war?

The Massachusetts 54th was the first Civil-War regiment of African Americans, thus they were the first Union Regiment to be all-black (albeit heavily segregated, with white officers). In a literal sense, by adding black men to US Army ranks, the 'face' was no longer white-only. Clarification: African Americans, including both slaves and freedmen had fought in all American wars since the revolution, albeit not in race-organized units.

What is the motto of Black Watch Royal Highland Regiment?

Black Watch - Royal Highland Regiment -'s motto is 'Nemo me impune lacessit'.

What kinds of troops formed the 54th Massachusetts Regiment in the US Civil War?

In early 1863, the governor of Massachusetts called for African American soldiers to volunteer for the new 54th Regiment of Massachusetts. This Black battle unit served the Union well and was involved in two years of battle until the was was over in 1865.

The 54th Massachusetts volunteers were the first what regiment?


What was the nickname of the American 369th Regiment?

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