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How Google searches webpages so quickly?

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this answer has been removed by a site supervisor -qajs1 Simple they have alot of people so they make their servers go faster or get more servers

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What is privack?

It is a malware that has attached itself to google and screwed up my searches. So far I have not been able to get rid of it. Deleting all google programs had no effect. When I go to google search the P appears and restricts my searches to "recent searches"!

Does Mexico have Google?

Yes, you can use Google from Mexico, and you can do searches in Spanish. They even have an office in Mexico, so they definitely have Google in a lot of ways. :)

Why is Google the biggest search engine?

Google has the most discrete advertising, loads very quickly because of the minimalistic home page. It also has lots of free products, such as Google Translate, Gmail, Google Drive and have released a browser - Google Chrome. Because Google chrome's default search is Google, and so many people use chrome, it is very popular. Google has over 5,134,000,000 searches every day.

How many hits does Goggle get a day?

Im assuming u mean Google, so Google gets around 117 million searches everyday

How does one make a website submission to Google?

Google is a software that searches the internet on its own, so if you do have a recent website that you would like to have submitted to Google then chances are Google already has it. You can check this by doing a search on Google for you website.

How many people use the search engine 'Google' everyday day?

Google logs 2 billion searches a day. So probably 300 million people use Google a day.

Google receives how many search queries a day?

In July, 2008 Google received almost 12 billion U.S. searches so 12,000,000,000 ÷ 31 =387,096,774. Three hundred and eighty seven million, ninety six thousand, seven hundred and seventy four searches per day (in July, 2008). That is a lot of searches!

Is Google better than Bing?

Google has a vastly larger following, Bing is tiny in comparison. People tend to prefer Google, so I would say Google is better than Bing. Google is a great search engine as it searches for anything it can possibly can.

How can Google access the contents of a blog post without accessing the blog's database?

ibelieve, Google only searches for the words you enter in so it does not access the database it just accesses the word bank

Are dandelions good for hamsters?

It is not hurting the hamster so don't worry.According to google searches, it said that it won't get sick or something.Well,in fact they love it!

Can you delete the history of google in the upper right conner of your iPod?

I don't think so.. But if you click on your search bar on google on your ipod all your searches will pop up (don't type anything in, just click on it) then scroll down to the bottom of your searches and at the bottom left corner of your searches there will be something that says "clear history" ..Click on that and your all set, everything will be gone. :) oh, uh.. sorry if this isn't the answer you were looking for. :$ But ; Hopefully this helps. . .:]

How do you upload photos to Google images?

You cannot upload images to Google images. Google images searches all over the internet for the pictures it provides so if you want the the image to show up there you'd need to upload it to photobucket, tinypic or some other image hosting website. One great way to have photos uploaded to Google Images is to save the file name just as you want Google to list it in Google Images. Make sure this Image is then uploaded onto a website that is listed in Google Search Results. When the spider searches the web page, Google will identify the image automatically and list it in Google Images.

What acts as a middleman that translates between internal and external addresses and that caches previously accessed webpages so that it can provide those more quickly in the future?

proxy server

Why does it take so long to load your webpages?

How quickly your computer receives internet pages - is directly dependent on your router speed - AND the speed at which your computer processes the incoming data.... NOT the Answers website !

Why does Wikipedia show up on the first screen of results from many Google searches?

I have also seen that wikipedia ranks on the first page of google from different keyword phrases. The reason behind this is the quality of the content which wikipedia provide. Wikipedia always shows unique and useful content to its users and the domain authority of wikipedia is very good that's why wikipedia rank on first page of google for so many searches.

I accidentally added shared in a circle or something with someone on google plus so i quickly unclicked it will they be notified or will anything sjow up for them?

If you accidentally added someone to your circles on Google Plus, but quickly removed him, he will not receive any notification.

Where can you find a picture of Mary Stilwell?

You can type in her name with quotes in google images so it only searches that name or you could go to photobucket and other imaging sites.

How does Google Adwords Auction work?

One chooses some keywords so that when someone searches Google using those words, one's advert appears next to the search results. One is only charged if somebody clicks on the advert.

Is there a way that you can gather and compile every single piece of information about yourself that is on the Internet so that you can create a character reference of your online self?

Google does that based on your searches. Even if you don't have an account.

What are the strengths and drawbacks of disseminating research findings?

I personally do google searches for my answers to my questions then talk to my doctors next. Doctors are fun to play with and you'll find out more about their abilities and so fourth.

What are opinions of IEF?

IEF stands for quite a few things, so it's hard to know which you are asking about. The name "IEF" and "scam" seem to be paired quite a bit in google searches, though.

What is Google all about?

First of all, Google was actually a school project for two people. The project became extremely sucsesfull and became to what Google is now. Now, what is Google all about? Google is a very popular search engine that you can find whatever you are looking for. Whoever does not know something about Google is for example, if you are looking for facts on "How Computers are made", the top searches are the first that come up. So, Google is a very popular and sucsesfull search engine. I hopw you find this information usefull.

How can I erase past Google searches on my iMac so that when I type in a b the past search that started with a b doesnt pop up?

If your using Safari click "Reset Safari" under Safari on the bar.

Why does no one use answerscom?

Untrue. A lot of people use it, which is what makes its useful answers appear so high in Google searches. Thousands of questions are submitted hourly, and the askers and others make use of the answers.

What is the name of celebrity webpages with phone info?

NO! Your not a celeb so you shouldn't know their numbers.