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Any way that he could, he shot them some of the soldures would beat them to death.


Hitler ORDERED the killing of people through his subordinates. In turn, people (including Jews) were shot, starved, gassed, and killed in medical experiments. As well as beaten.

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Q: How Hitler killed Jews?
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Who were the other ethnic groups that Hilter killed?

Hitler killed several kinds of Jews, including Polish Jews and German Jews. Hitler also killed Germans who were sympathetic to Jews.

What were the ways in which Hitler killed Jews?

Adolf Hitler killed Jews by gassing them, shooting them and burning them. He had a cold heart!!

Is it important that Hitler killed Jews?

It is important to remember that Hitler killed Jews to ensure that it doesn't happen again.

In what year did Hitler kill Jews?

Hitler killed Jews in 1941 and 1945.

What was good about what Adolf Hitler did?

He killed the jews Then he killed himself and his girlfriend she was evil Hitler killed 10 million jews Hitlers girlfriend killed 0

Adolf Hitler hated Jews so he killed them all almost?

Adolf Hitler killed 6 million jews.

When did hitler get rejected by jews?

When he killed them.

Why do Jews hate Hitler?

The Jews hated Hitler because they put them in consentration camps and Hitler has killed over 8 million Jews

What was hitler nazi or jewish?

Hitler was a Nazi. He killed Jews.

What influence did Adolf Hitler have at that time?

Hitler killed Jews.

Why were the Jews killed so brutally?

because they were jews and thats what hitler ordered to have jews killed plus he was crazy

What day Hitler killed all of the Jews?

Hitler never killed all of Europe's Jewish population.Answer:Hitler killed two-thirds of Europe's Jews, between September 1939 and April 1945.

How did hitler hurt the jews?

He killed them by the millions.

What hitler do with the older jews?

He killed them too.

What are the results of Hitler actions?

he killed Jews

Who killed a lot of jews?

Adolf Hitler

What did Hitler do in history?

Killed 6,000,000 Jews.....

What successes did Hitler have?

he killed a lot of Jews

Who killed the Jews for Hitler?

The Nazis killed the Jews for Hitler. In addition, there were many other anti-Semites in occupied Europe who were happy to help in the Holocaust.

Did hitler hate Jews because Jews killed his mother?

No, and Jews did not kill his mother.

What happened after hitler killed jews?

He killed himself, then Germany surrendered.

Did Jews hate Hitler?

Hitler killed many Jews, so yes, Jews hated Hitler. But not necessarily. If you want to know, you should ask them. In many households, Hitler is not talked about or thought about.

What did Hitler do that was against the law?

Hitler killed Jews, in are law we have the freedom to be religious

Was it the people from the Jewish religion or culture the Hitler killed?

Yes, it is estimated that Hitler killed about 6 million Jews.

Did the Hitler Youth kill Jews?

Yes they did, they killed around 25,000 Jews.