How Jedi believe the world was made?

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They don't know who made what and when, but they do know and believe that the force holds all of what exsits together
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What made the Nazi believe in Hitler?

Answer . The Nazis were soldiers that was formed by Hitler. The German people put their faith in Hitler because he promised to get rid of the communist government they were living under at the time.

How are you made to believe that capitalism works?

The media has split the world into two camps communist and capitalist The communist side of the equation is a dictatorship that has failed. the other side is wrongly said to be capitalist country's like the US most of Europe Australia The US is the closest to a capitalist country and also boasts the ( Full Answer )

What president believed the world was flat?

If you mean the president of the United States it is difficult to imagine any of them believing it, as the last people to believe in a flat earth in the West lived about 2000 years before Christ, i.e. long before there were any such presidents. . Paul Kruger, president of the Boer Republic during t ( Full Answer )

What does Buddhism believe is the destiny of the world?

In Buddhism there is no specific destiny of the world. The cosmos may go through cycles, but there is no beginning or end. Buddha described the origin of the world much like a scientist would; being destroyed and re-evolving over time. Buddhists do not limit their minds to believe one person created ( Full Answer )

What is a Jedi?

A jedi is a person (male, female, alien, human,etc) who is a very special person in star wars. He/she is born with The Force. It is a spiritual thing and it gives power to the jedi. There are 3 types of jedi ranks, padawan, knight, and master. The major masters meet at the jedi council, in Corusan ( Full Answer )

Are you a jedi?

use the force You're probably not a Jedi, but there are many people who have registered their religions as Jedi, and there's nothing wrong with following the basic principles of being a Jedi. You may find that using the force is beyond your power, but never give up... If you want to know how m ( Full Answer )

How can you be a Jedi?

You can become one by being kind, loving, generous, and peacemaking. Those are the real traits of a jedi. You must be trained by a jedi master and you must go successfully complete the jedi trials. Years of dedication is required. -Oh, and you're not allowed to love.

How do scientists believe the Universe was made?

they believe the universe was made by the "Big Bang". some scientists don't want to believe that god created the universe they just want to believe that the Big Bang was who created but who created the "Big Bang" there was someone else who created the big bang it didn't just come out of nowhere.

What made people believe in witchcraft?

Witchcrafy comes from Ancient Shamanism. Shamans lived with the nature and worked with the forces of nature. They are believed to be able to manifest needed change and heal the sick. Later Shamanism developed and later labeled as Witchcraft.. It is the mistery of the forces of nature that made peop ( Full Answer )

What do Islamic believe made the earth?

{Indeed, your Lord is Allah, Who created the heavens and the earth in six days, then He Istawa (ascended) the Throne. He brings the night as a cover over the day; seeking it rapidly, and the sun, the moon, and the stars (all) are subjected to His command. Surely His is the creation and the commandme ( Full Answer )

What do Christians believe about who made hell?

My dad's been a pastor all my life so I should know. There was God and his angels and one of the angels names was Lucifer, or Satan. Satan thought he could do what God could do so Satan told all of the other angels that, and one day he decided to make a place of his own (hell).only a couple went wit ( Full Answer )

Do christians believe that the world was made in 7 days?

Some Fundamentalists do believe in the literal creation account found in the first chapters of Genesis. Many others see Genesis as falling in the genre of 'theological poetry', they would say that the key to interpreting it is not so much asking: . did it actually happened that way? But rather, ( Full Answer )

Can you be a jedi?

You can't be a Jedi as in use the Force, but you can behave like one, by being kind, generous, caring, protective, and peacemaking.

How do atheists believe the world was made?

There is no set atheist belief for how the world was created.Atheism is just a lack of belief in any deity. Thus an atheist willnot believe that a deity was involved in the formation of theearth. Atheists would in all likelihood all subscribe to one of themany scientific theories about the origins o ( Full Answer )

What made the pegasus believable?

The Pegasus was never believable. It was a symbol, not a creature, rather the way Uncle Sam or John Bull is a symbol. No one believes that Uncle Sam is a real person, and no one ever believed that the Pegasus was a real creature. Plato ( as "Socrates" ) betrays his unawareness of his own ignorance w ( Full Answer )

Do Jews believe in a world to come?

Yes, Judaism teaches of Olam Ha'ba, the world to come. This will be the time after hamoshiach has arrived and the world has come closer to being like gan eden. Please see the related link for an explanation.

How do Catholic believe the world began?

Catholics believe that the bible story on creation is not a treatise on science or evolution but rather a divinely inspired account of man an woman entering the world. Whether or not there was a big bang millions of light years ago to create the universe or if the world was created in "seven days"is ( Full Answer )

Do Christians believe that God made the world?

yes, we do. Th big bang theory is simply a little fairy tale that has blinded the world form the truth. God has always been, is, and always will be. I think it so amazing that He actually breathed the stars and planets from his mouth. This makes it that much easier to understand how big God really i ( Full Answer )

How do the Hindus believe the world was created?

Hindus believe the universe was created by the Brahman or Prajapati. With its cyclical notion of time, Hinduism teaches that the material world is created not once but repeatedly, time and time again. Additionally, this universe is considered to be one of many, all enclosed "like innumerable bubble ( Full Answer )

Who do the Jews believe is the Savior of the world?

HaShem, however, the concept of salvation in Judaism is completely unrelated to the Christian and Muslim concepts. In Judaism, there is no hell and no damnation. Instead, the idea of salvation in Judaism is that we become closer to HaShem.

What percent of the world believes in the Holocaust?

Only a very small percentage of people deny the Holocaust happened (they are aptly named 'Holocaust Deniers'). Most of the world accepts that Nazi Germany and it's allies systematically exterminated European Jews between 1936-1945.

Do you believe the end of world 21.12.2012?

no, the only reason the mien calender ends there is because in ancient history the spanish destroyed all the things that they made and most of the calender was destroyed and that why they say that! wierd huh? and whats even wirder is that im only 12 and i know this lol! okay well i hope this helps u ( Full Answer )

What made Gandhi believe in nonviolence?

Gandhi saw a mob burning a police station which killed 22 policemen he got terrified with this & decided to work in non violence

What do wicca believe the world was made?

I'm Wiccan, and I believe that the world was made the way that science says it was, but it really depends on who you ask, as Wicca doesn't have a defined set of beliefs.

How many people believe in Jedi?

Just for a few numbers 21,000 Canadians, 390,127 English/welsh people and 53,000 in New Zealand claim Jediism (the religion of Jedi) as their religion.

What do Buddhists believe created the world?

Buddhism has neither a creator god or a creation story. Efforts toestablish or prove such a device are seen as wasteful of timebetter spent in pursuing enlightenment.

What did cristians believe how the world was made?

Christians believe that the world was made by god. aparantly it took 6 days to do it an that's how we get the week. the 7th day is a day to rest which is good if you just made the world

What made people believe in Jesus?

The Holy Spirit. "No one can come to me unless the Father who sent me draws him. And I will raise him up on the last day." - John 6:44

What part of the world believes in Christianity?

David B. Barrett's World Christian Encyclopedia (1994 update) gives an oft-cited figure of 1.9 billion Christians (or about 33% of the world population), and projected that by the year 2000 there will be 2.1 billion Christians in the world. The 2001 edition of the World Christian Encyclopedia st ( Full Answer )

Do Catholics believe that God made the world?

Yes, Catholics believe that God created the world. A Catholic may believe a strict interpretation of Genesis where God created the world in six days or a Catholic may believe that God created the world through the 'Big Bang.' The central belief is always that, no matter the process used, God was res ( Full Answer )

What do christians believe about haw the world was made?

Different Christians believe different things about how the world was made, & its a mistake to think that all Scientists believe in`The Big Bang Theory` & Evolution (which is all to often taught as a FACT in schools when it is just a THEORY! indeed even Darwin himself came to realize that he had got ( Full Answer )

What do Jews believe about the world?

That God created it and has given us Free Will for which we'll be answerable. In a nutshell, that is the meaning of life.

What do you believe - 2012-world ends?

I don't believe the world will end on 12-12-12. They probably just got tired of making calenders and figured we could make them ourselves if the world lasted that long.

When do Jews believe humans were made?

Jews believe, like Christians, that humans were created by God on the 'Sixth Day' of Creation. Estimates place Creation at a little over 6000 years ago. However, this is widely contested, as evidence shows that humans existed before this time. Furthermore, other evidence shows that humans were not c ( Full Answer )

How do hindoism believe the world was created?

Hinduism never believes in creation or destruction of this world. This world was eternally there, is there and will be there. Form of the world, the animals or plants living on it, or any other thing can change. The only thing that does not change is the theory that every thing changes.

Do you believe the world will end soon?

The only reason that the Mayans stopped their calendar on winters solistice 2012 was because they were one of the most advanced in astronomy, so the knew that the planets would allign on that day. Answer I supose one has to decide just how long soon is. In your life time or your childrens. A ( Full Answer )

What made Abraham believe in God?

Abraham saw that everything in the world cooperates to support life, just like the organs in our body cooperate with each other. He realized that the pagan narratives of warring gods must be imaginary. He further saw that every living thing contains vast complexity, demonstrating the wisdom of the C ( Full Answer )

Why do people believe that Allah made the world?

Religious issues are complicated. In practical terms, most people who believe that Allah made the world are simply taking their parents' word for it. Muslim parents raise Muslim children. Some people read the Qur'an and find it to be a work of awesome magnificence whose truth is self evident, at lea ( Full Answer )

What made Jews believe that they were messiah?

Jews do not believe they personally are the messiah. Rather, Jews believe they were chosen to introduce ethical monotheism (the belief in one God) to a pagan and polytheistic world. When Judaism emerged as a religion, it was in fact the first to promote the worship of only one Deity. In the Hebre ( Full Answer )

How do agnostics believe the world was made?

There is no reason to expect all agnostics to have the same answerto that. Obviously the world came to exist some way. If you believeyou can explain exactly how and why, then your answer works foryou. Your answer might not satisfy everyone.

How do the bible believe the universe was made?

The Bible says that the world was created by the LORD God Jeremiah 10:12 The LORD made the earth by his power; by his wisdomhe created the world and stretched out the heavens.