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Anything is 'worth' what someone will pay you for it.

Carat weight is only one of four parameters used to value diamonds. The others are cut, colour and clarity.

A single twenty-carat diamond will be worth more than many diamonds that make up a total carat weight of 20 carats.

Every diamond is valued individually, depending on the four Cs used to value diamonds, as above.

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Q: How Much Is 20 Carats of diamond worth?
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What's the biggest carate in a diamond?

The biggest carat in a cut diamond is 20 carats. The largest diamond ever found was 530 carats.

How much does a 20 carat diamond necklace cost?

Your answer depends on the size of the diamonds, their cut, clarity and carat weight. A single diamond weighing 20 carats will be more expensive than a collection of diamonds with a total weight of 20 carats.

How big is 20 ct diamond?

A 20 carat diamond weighs 20 carats. If the diamond is a round brilliant cut, it measures about 17.6 mm at the girdle.

How many grams in .43 carats?

A one carat diamond -- 1.00 carats -- weighs .20 grams. Can you do the math?

How many carats is a 3.11 mm diamond?

If the diamond is a round brilliant cut, this measurement at the girdle indicates that it could weigh between .20 carats (3.8 mm) and .25 carats (4.1 mm). If the diamond is of a different cut, a jeweler can remove the diamond and give you the exact carat weight.

If The Hope Diamond is 42.52 carats how many milligrams does that represent?

A carat of diamond weighs .20 grammes. Can you do the math?

How much is 18k in carats?

To answer your question directly, 18k is not measured in carats.Your term '18k' is typically used to describe the purity of gold. In this case, 18k indicates that 18/24ths of the metal mix is gold, 24k, therefore, being pure gold. These karats are spelled karat.For a diamond, 18 carats indicates the weight of the diamond, one carat being equal to .20 grammes. These carats are spelled carat.

Which diamond is the rarest diamond?

A red diamond is probably the rarest colour for a natural diamond. Flawless diamonds are the rarest in clarity, and large diamonds weighing in excess of 20 carats are rare.

How many grams is one carrot for ruby diamond?

You're asking about carats, not carrots. Carats are units of measure used to weigh precious gem stones, including ruby and diamond. One carat weighs about .20 grams.

How big is a 17 carat diamond that is cut?

The millimeter size of a diamond of this weight varies, depending on the cut. If the gem is round cut, its measurement at the girdle will be between 16.3 mm (15 carats) and 17.6 mm (20 carats).

How much does a 20 cents diamond cost?

If by 20 cents you mean .20 carats, you may be able to purchase such a diamond using this example as a guideline. Today, on Blue Nile, you can purchase a .23 carat diamond and pay between US$270 and US$782, depending on the colour and clarity that you want. A .23 carat diamond is the smallest diamond available for sale at Blue Nile today.

What is the weight of pear shaped diamond size 3.20mm1.90mm?

A pear shapped diamond cut that measures 4.0 x 2.0 mm weighs about .20 carats. A jeweler can give you an exact weight of the diamond in question.

How much is a black diamond case xx ss knife worth?

its around 20 and 30 i know cause i have a black and white diamond case

How many carats equal 6000 grams?

One carat of diamond weighs .20 grams. If you do the math, you'll divide 6000 (grams) by .20 (@ carat) and come up with .... ???

What does 3.5 mm equal in a diamond carat?

These two measurements are not directly related. If the diamond is cut in a round, brilliant cut, the carat weight may be between .15 and .20 carats. If the diamond is of a different cut, then the carat weight will be different.

How much is an ounce of diamond worth?

About 3.5$ mil.added 11/3/2010Not exactly true.A standard ounce of is 141.747 carats.Industrial diamonds can sell for $1-$5 per carat .Jewelry grade diamonds can cost $50 per carat for the smallest diamonds to $2000-$10,000 for a nice white 1 carat diamond to $25 million for a 50 carat diamond. ( diamond over 20 carats are generally considered semi unique and hard to price)So given that range an ounce of diamonds can cost from about $150 up to $300,000,000. In addition since a single 141.47 carat diamond would be one of the largest diamonds in the world, it could be priceless

How much are 20 Mexican pesos worth in Canadian dollars?

much is 20 pesos worth

How do diamonds get their names?

Large diamonds, typically more weighty than 14-20 carats, and many larger, earn their names based on who owns them, or who has owned them. Buying a 'large' diamond also buys diamond naming rights.

Does Mexico mine for gold or diamonds?

Yes in both accounts:Mexico's diamond production is almost negligible; however Mexican diamond companies extracted 9,200 carats (worth US$20-30 million) of diamonds during 2014.On the other hand, Mexico is the 8th largest miner of gold, having extracted 118 tonnes of gold during 2014, worth US$4.2 billion.

How many carats are in Kim Kardashian's ring?


How much is a quarter carat marquise cut diamond bought 20 years ago worth that is colorless and flawless?

You can replace this diamond today by buying one from Blue Nile and pay less than US$1,000 for such a diamond.

How much is a 5.5 carat diamond worth?

A round 5.50 H color, VS1 clarity, GIA certified diamond costs about $167,865. For further details you can email at

How much is your worth?

I worth over $20 billion

How much is an ounce of diamond?

One carat of diamond weight weighs .20 grammes. Then, .20 g = 0.007054 oz. Can you do the math?

How much is 20 .50 SI2 carats worth of diamonds?

Here's your math problem: today on Blue Nile you can purchase half carat diamonds of this clarity and pay between US$579 and US$1582, depending on the cut and colour of the diamonds you want to buy. With 20 such diamonds, you can figure out the range of values, above, or take your cache to a jeweler so that each diamond can be valued individually, which is the practice for vendors in this marketplace.