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How To Tell Your Family About Cross-Dressing?


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It's not easy, but you have to tell them the truth.

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For me crossdressing as a girl is common, aqnd i llove doing it.

There are no answers right now - no one studying crossdressing as a function of biology or environment.

No, because he could ruin them. I would tell him to buy his own clothes!

The only recurring instance of crossdressing in Pokemon is the occurrence of female Mr. Mime in the game.

Someone would want to know about crossdressing fiction maybe because they don't know about it or they are interested in it. Crossdressing fiction is dressing as the opposite sex.

Being paranoid about what everyone thinks about something that has no impact on their lives is unhealthy, so, yes crossdressing is healthy.

Crossdressing doesn't require anything but clothes and a person wearing thing. Hiding being a crossdresser is easier when you have a sister, but even then she could rat you out. If wearing girls clothes at home is dangerous .. don't do it. Wait till you are out on your own and no one can tell you to wear in your own house.

Be good. Take care of family. Eat right. Exercise. Support your religion (church or not.) Be kind and polite to others. and have fun with the crossdressing

Crossdressing has nothing to do with others knowing or not, it's about choosing to wear (or not wear) a specific set of clothing.

There is nothing inherently harmful about crossdressing. The most harm to be found in crossdressing derives from other people's reactions about the crossdresser. For instance, while a crossdresser may be perfectly fine with crossdressing, they may still have feelings of anxiety, hatred, etc. because they know that other people would not approve of their crossdressing. Also, when crossdressing publicly, crossdressers may run the risk of being assaulted or otherwise harmed by onlookers who are not comfortable with seeing a crossdresser. As an aside - when females crossdress and bind their chest, over time, there can be some health concerns with breathing and ribcage constriction.

Breath in, breath out. Repeat.

It can be if a spouse finds it offensive.

What does the film tell you about the value of family?

Define normal. Does it happen due tp a natural process? Well, crossdressers come from all walks of live, all manner and shape of family and ll manner and shape of mental stability. The heart of the matter is that PEOPLE have been crossdressing since time was time, and in most cases they are sane as the day is long.

AnswerYes, you should tell at least your mother. She will eventually find out anyway. Learn as much as you can about crossdressing off and then try to explain how you feel to your mother. I have no doubt she will be shocked at first, but she loves you and you can both work from there.Good luckAnswerI believe that, although it will be very, very hard, you should try to tell your mother. There are many other answers on crossdressing on this website, which can all be of great help. Your mother will most likely understand and will help you to decide whether you want to continue dressing, and if you do, she will likely understand. Many people in the world crossdress; you are not alone. Your mom will not be enraged, just shocked. Everything will turn out better than it was before, and a huge burden will be lifted off of your shoulders.AnswerBy all means , tell your Mother. If she goes up in smoke , ask her to take you to a therapist. The therapist can explain it to her , and also help you understand it better yourself. If you have other tendencies or confusion, the therapist can help you identify just what's going on with you and suggest a way for the family to accept whatever the final decision is, and how to deal with it as a family.

then u must answer the interviewer's question and tell about your two thoughts on that... then u must answer the interviewer's question and tell about your two thoughts on that...

It depends on how she feels on the subject. None the less if you don't tell she will find out probably. And Chinese women could feel different depending on who they are.

Sit her down and tell her honestly that crossdressing is something you take seriously, that it is not something you are doing as a joke. And tell her that you want her to take it seriously as well. Also let her know that you are willing to answer any questions she might have about it.

my personal favourite fantasy when crossdressing is flirting with other women. Also, doing seemingly impossible or ridiculous things like ripping or bursting our clothes together just really turns me on!!

Forced Crossdressing is related more to BDSM than crossdressing and transgenderism: it's part of fantasy and losing control. True transgenderism is based in gender (emotional issues) and not in objects. It's about being something all the time; not just when you are turned on. Forced crossdressing is not bad; it's just not to be confused with transgenderism they are miles and miles apart.

Blackmail, a gun, embaressment, tell everyone he touched you if he doesn't, hold them against their will, ask them, drug them, knocked them unconscience. Have fun with your crossdressing boy!

There is a show run by a crossdressing person - the Brini Maxwell show.

That would be called crossdressing and many homosexuals do it.

Go into a bridal shop and try on a wedding dress!

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