How a baby is able to survive in the womb during pregnancy?

The baby easily "survives" inside of the mother's body. Seeing as this is the way nature intended children to be born, there are several ways the mother nurtures her unborn child, these are just a few:

  • The umbilical cord attaching the mother and baby transports the proper nutrients to the baby from the mother, then the waste the baby produces is sent back and the mother's body removes it.
  • The baby has no need to breathe just yet, but it does need oxygenated blood. Since breathing is necessary for the blood to be enriched with oxygen but the baby really has no way of finding any air just yet, the mother's body almost doubles it's blood supply, then sends oxygenated blood to the baby.
  • Towards the end of pregnancy, the placenta passes antibodies through the umbilical cord from you to your baby, allowing its immune system to prepare itself and giving it immunity from infections for about three months after birth.