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How accurate is brain imaging in diagnosing ADD?

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Does my kid really have ADD?

There is no single test to determine if your child has ADD. The first step in diagnosing ADD is to talk to your child's doctor or specialist. They will use various methods to make the determination as well as rule out any other problems.

Does Strattera make you feel happy?

Strattera is essentially an antidepressant that increases dopamine and raises mood. It has a very slight focusing effect for some people who suffer from ADD/ADHD. However, the only real effective way to increase focusing in ADD is to use a stimulant such as Adderall or Ritalin or ADD-care which is an all natural supplement that has been shown by brain imaging and Conner's tests to be as effective as the stimulants.

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Paying Attention to ADD?

Attention Deficit Disorder, or ADD, can be defined as a difficulty with being inattentive, over-active, impulsive or any combination of these symptoms. In order for these difficulties to be diagnosed as ADD, they must be out of the normal measurements for a child's development and age. It's possible that ADD may be genetic, but it's uncertain as to what causes it. The disorder seems to spark early in life while the brain is still developing. With the use of imaging studies, it appears as though the brains of children with ADD are markedly different than the brains of other children.

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Can a babies environment cause ADD?

Environmental issues could result in similar behavior patterns, but true ADD is a brain deficiency. Certain portions of the brain do not function properly when the individual has ADD. The treatment and a diagnostic tool for ADD is the same. If a person becomes calm and more focused when taking theraputic doses of amphetimines, it's ADD. For the rest of us, amphetimines would have the opposite result.

Why does the drug speed have the reverse effect on ADHD patients?

It is because in ADD/ADHD patients there is a part of their brain that is running slower than the rest of the brain.. the stimulants activate 'that' part of the brain so it can run at the same speed as the rest of the brain.

How do you know you have ADD?

you can get tested. a neurologist can test your brainwaves and brain patterns. it is affordable to have this done.

What does the brain look like when a person has ADD?

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What is the best way to combat ADD?

ADD symptoms can often be a matter of the brain simply not getting enough nourishment, which is easy enough to correct with supplementation.

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Why are stimulants prescribed for ADHD?

It's because of the way that the human brain is wired. when a normal person takes a stimulant, their brain releases chemicals that boost the mental activity. When a person with ADD/ADHD takes a stimulant, their brains respond to the chemicals by slowing down. A simple metaphor would be that the wires in the brain are backwards for ADD/ADHD persons.

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Can you buy a over the counter medicine for ADD?

No there is no over-the-counter ADD med. The only really effective medicine for ADD is one of the stimulants such as Vyvanse, adderall, concerta, ritalin, or provigil. Most of the time these medications can be managed so that the side effects are either absent or minimal. However, in about 15% of the cases the side effects are too great to continue the medication. All these medications need a doctor's prescription monthly. Although there are a number of good general supplements and natural ADD formulas that improve a couple of the symptoms of ADD/ADHD, the only over the counter natural supplement that rivals the stimulants without side effects is ADD-care. ADD-care has been tested at the Amen Clinic and performed as well or better in SPECT brain imaging and the Conner's impulsivity tests. It is available at

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