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How an Acoustic pulse recognition touch screens works?

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APR touch screens work by analyzing the sound an object makes when it hits the glass through four piezos, and compares them to a pre-recorded table with millions of values.

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Does touch screens need a finger tip with pulse?

no it doesnt

What are some types of touch sensors?

ResistiveSurface acoustic waveCapacitiveSurface capacitanceProjected capacitanceMutual capacitanceSelf-capacitanceInfraredOptical imagingDispersive signal technologyAcoustic pulse recognition

What Type of touch screens do ipods use?

the type of touch screens that ipods use are called multi-touch.

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Does an alltel blackberry have a touch screen?

Some Alltel Blackberry smart phones do have touch screens. The Blackberry torch, and Blackberry storm do have touch screens. The Blackberry Pearl, Blackberry curve, Blackberry style, and Blackberry bold do not have touch screens.

Without input devices humans and computer could not interact.?

Presently touch screens and voice recognition are classed as input devices as they require human interaction

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What are touch screens used for?

Touch screens are used to make it more convenient to access the Internet on smaller devices, such as a smartphone. Touch screens are also used for handicapped individuals so that they can also access the Internet or work on a computer.

Do touch screens come for home computers?

Yes touch screens do come for home computers. You can go here to find one or

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No. The screens are indistructible. The screens cannot be scratched.

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Only the DSi's bottom screen is a touch screen.

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they are made out of new technology called touch pixels

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some thing

Some Requirements For Touch Screen Computers?

Matte finishes on touch screen computers produce less glare and avoid the show of fingerprints on the more glossy screens. Some of these computers are also stylus-oriented and not all are multi-touch screens. Multi-touch allows easier manipulation of photos. With handwriting recognition, the feel of the stylus becomes important. It is best when the stylus feels like a pen or pencil. The computer should have its own video card and a lot of RAM memory.

Does an all in one computer have a touch screen?

A lot of times all in one computers have touch screens and laptops. I haven't seen many monitor that don't have touch screens so I believe it's true.

Why does PS vita have two screens?

It does not have 2 screens it has 1 screen with a touch pad on the back for curtain games

Is BlackBerry Curve 3G 9300 is a touch screen phone?

no, the torch and the storm are touch screens :)

Do all PDAs have touch screens?

Not all PDA's have touch screen,only the newer versions.

When were touch screen cameras invented?

Touch screens have been used for many years in various applications. The first use of touch screens in cameras was seen as soon as touch screens were made sufficiently small to fit them to compact still and video cameras. They were seen in mass produced models from 2001 onwards and have become very common ever since.

Are touch screens good?

not for texting, but otherwise they are pretty cool

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