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Simply "clamp-on" the clamp of the amp meter to any electrical conductor supplying the equipment that you wish to check while it is in operation. It is better to use your clamp-on with each individual conductor one at a time.

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Q: How an amperage reading would be taken using a clamp-on?
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When using a step down transformer is amperage affected?

Yes, when using a step down transformer the amperage is affected.

What is the precaution on to be taken while using laboratory thermometer?

Do not hold the thermometer by the bulb while reading it.

Anything wrong with using a car battery that is half the amperage?


How do you measure voltage using a ammeter?

An ammeter measures amperage not voltage.

How do you calculate kWh using voltage and amperage?

Multiply (1,000) x (Voltage) x (Amperage) and you have KW. Multiply that by the number of hours you use it, and you have KWh.

Explain what a forensic entomologist would deduce from a short PMI taken using soil fauna but a long PMI taken using body fauna?

they would get soil reading from the short one, obviously, and body readings from the long one.

What amp wire should you use for 3000w lights?

Wire size is based on the amperage drawn. To find the amperage, the voltage must be stated. Use this formula to find the amperage. I = W/E. Amps = Watts/ Volts. Once you have the amperage, restate your question using the new found amperage or state the voltage that supplies the lights.

Can using larger wire sizes reduce amp draw?

Larger wires will not reduce the amperage draw of a device. Limiting amperage draw is accomplished by fuses wich blow when the amperage drawn across them exceeds their specifications.

How do you know how many amps an appliance is using?

Look on the appliance's nameplate. All appliances have one. There it will tell you what the amperage is. If not the amperage then it will tell you the watts the appliance uses. Use the following equation to find the amperage if the nameplate only states the watts. Amps = Watts/Volts. This will tell you what the amperage of the appliance is.

What is the formula to get amperage?

The formula for amperage is:I = V / RI = amperage, V = voltage, and R = resistance.Also amperage can be found by using the following formulas.I = P / V, Amps = Watts/VoltsI = sq root P/R, Amps = the square root of (power divided by resistance) watts/ohms.

How long will a 400 watt light bulb last using a 24 volt battery?

This depends on the amperage of the battery. Wattage (400) = Voltage (24) x Amperage (???). Once you can determine the amperage per hour you can determine how long the battery will last.

How do you measure amperage?

The easiest method today is by using a clamp meter. It "clamps" around a single conductor and measures the magnetic field (you can't get a reading by clamping around a regular appliance cord, as both conductors will cancel each other out).

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