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How and how often do you clean up your Windows XP computer system?

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2007-07-10 21:08:11
2007-07-10 21:08:11

The simplest way to do it would be delete everthing you don't want.

You can download a number of 'cleaning' programs off the web.

2 which come to mind immediately, are window washer, and CCleaner.

both of which go through your entire hard drive, and remove items, which are no longer required.

Some of which, but are not limited to are, the recycle bin, cookies, temporary internet files, registry remnants etc.

With both of the programs mentioned above, you can say what you want to delete, and or leave alone.

Both of these programs, are imho 10 x better than M$'s disk clean up.

Hope this helps

Be safe

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