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How and how often do you clean up your Windows XP computer system?

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The simplest way to do it would be delete everthing you don't want.

You can download a number of 'cleaning' programs off the web.

2 which come to mind immediately, are window washer, and CCleaner.

both of which go through your entire hard drive, and remove items, which are no longer required.

Some of which, but are not limited to are, the recycle bin, cookies, temporary internet files, registry remnants etc.

With both of the programs mentioned above, you can say what you want to delete, and or leave alone.

Both of these programs, are imho 10 x better than M$'s disk clean up.

Hope this helps

Be safe

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How often does a computer system create restore points automatically?

A computer makes system restore points quite often. It ranges from when you install/uninstall programs, to just logging onto Windows.

What operating system resides on a computer?

Most often Windows however it could be a variation of linux

Why is a computer often referred to as a computer system?

A computer is a system of parts that come together to make a working computer.

How often should you clean your computer mouse?

Once a month

How often do you supposed to take the niacin pills to clean your system?

Niacin does not clean drugs -- any drug -- out of your system.

A program that controls the overall operation of the computer is called?

Ok The Program that controls the functions and operation of the computer is the Operating System or (OS).The OS and related utilities are often called System Software.Some of the more popular operating systems are:Windows XPWindows 7MacOSiOSUbuntu Linux

What Is software what does it do How does a computer user often get it in their computer?

Computer software - is another name for computer programs, Computer programs can be as simple as displaying a letter on a screen, when it's pressed on the keyboard - to a complete operating system (such as Windows or Linux). Operating systems are usually loaded at the factory when the computer is manufactured.

How often should the components inside the computer case be checked and cleaned?

The frequency of how often you should clean your computer varies on different factors.

What can one do on My Drivers website?

The My Drivers website contains a download link for a program that keeps a backup copy of your system files from your computer. Often, computer viruses will be found in the system files, and it's always a good idea to have a clean back up.

What allows you to organize files and folders on your computer?

What is used to organize files and folders depends on the operating system. Foe example: Windows Explorer is one often used in MS Windows. Nautilus is a file manager often used in Linux. There are many more - search Google.

Why a computer often referred to as a computer system?

because it is a sum of interchangeable parts.

Is Microsoft office considered an operating system?

Microsoft Office is not an operating system, it is an office suite that is often, although not exclusively, run on a computer using the Microsoft Windows operating system. Other operating systems are Mac OS and Linux.

Can sims for PC work on a Mac?

Computer games are written to work with a particular operating system. A game written for the Windows operating system (often marked as PC) will require A computer running Windows and a game written for Mac OS X will require a Mac running Mac OS X. It is possible to run Windows on a Mac if desired or there are products such as CrossOver (See links below) which will run some Windows software on a Mac without needing Windows but it does not currently support The Sims games.

How often does windows save the registry automatically?

When a system restore point is created. Actually the Windows Registry is backed up daily if System Protection is turned on.

What is operating sustem?

The operating system is the level of technology your computer runs on. Different companies use different operating systems. Mac uses IOS while most other computers run Windows. Windows 7 is the newest operating system for microsoft and IOS something or other is the highest for Apple. Apple updates so often that I can't even tell anymore. ------------ An Operating System (OS) is the type of program your computer runs on. For example: Windows Vista is a different OS to Windows XP because they are different (yet very similar), but OS's are important for correct drivers for the hardware in your computer. Linux and Mac's are completely different Operating Systems to Windows.

How do most worms enter a computer system?

Worms often enter a computer system through its internet connection. Worms often take advantage of flaws in the operating system and sometimes other internet facing software.

Can a Mac OS x get a virus?

Yes, just like any other computer Mac OS X can get infected with a virus, albeit not as often as a Windows computer, as there is a much smaller percentage of Macs to Windows.

Why does it take a computer so long to start up?

The longer computer used, the more software installed, garbage inside the computer registry will be more, and most of the software will add unnecessary junk to the registry and system, they occupy much space of hard drive, when computer start up, much boot file and program need to read and load, which makes the computer crash or slower and slower. So to make computer run fast, you should install less software and often clean up system, only allow default system program loading when start up. To clean up system /registry garbage and unnecessary junk files, you can use registry cleaner software

Is peripheral a hardware device and is not of main computer system and often later added to the system?

removable drive

How often is a Windows virus scan performed automatically?

A Windows virus scan is not performed automatically if one does not configure it to scan a Windows computer automatically. An antivirus is protecting you automatically from opening a infected file.

What is a root partion?

A root partition on computer terminology is the prtition where the operating system files are located. Often this is the C: partition (some operating systems allow other designations for the root but some - such as Microsoft Windows - do not).

How often does computer system break down in a new car?

10 yrs

What warns a computer is infected and needs immediate attention?

Fake pages advertising anti-malware programs often tell you that your computer is infected when it is not and that it needs immediate attention. Often, it is to get you to buy something, or to get you to install something. Then once you install it, you likely do have malware at that point. Some of the fake antivirus cleaners will clean everything but what they put in your system.

Hardware devices that are not the part of the main computer system and are often added later to the system are called?

Peripheral devices.

When a windows system is so corrupted what do you do to repair the entire installation?

Insert the install disk for your version of Windows. When your computer starts, it will read the data off the disk, and boot that way. You can then re-install the corrupted files for the operating system when it starts. You should also update your anti-virus software and do a complete scan, as a virus can often corrupt these files