How and where did European language originate?

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Europe has many languages. There are over 50 countries in Europe. The different languages would have originated in different times and places and they continue to develop.
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Why was language originated?

I'm guessing so that people could communicate directly, immediately and clearly, rather than unclear reasons as to why you're pointing or gesturing a certain way.

Why is the European language the romance language?

European isn't a language. Romance Languages are languages descended from Latin. The Romance Languages are: Aragonese Asturian Catalan Corsican Emilian Franco-Provençal F

Why did so many languages originate from the indo-european roots?

Many languages originated from Indo-European roots because Indo-Europeans were the base of many languages like German, Spanish, English, Persian, and Sanskrit. Through cultura

Yiddish is originated from what other European language?

Yiddish is a 'patois', an amalgam of the languages of all the nations in which the eastern European or 'Ashkenazic' Jews have been dispersed during the past thousand years or

Where did the Indo-European language originate from?

Linguists have reconstructed the parent language and call it Proto-Indo-European (PIE). This reconstruction is very detailed. It is believed that PIE was spoken prior to 3700
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What language is European from?

Europe is a continent with many countries. They all have their own languages, like Italian in Italy, French in France, Danish in Denmark etc. There is no language called Europ
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What languages would not be of Indo-European origin?

Most languages not in Europe. Finnish, Estonian and Hungarian and other Uralic languages are not indo European languages in origin. Persian, and languages developed from Sansk
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How are you in European language?

European is not a language. It is a continent where more than 200languages are spoken. The most prominent languages of Europe are: Albanian Bulgarian Czech Dutch Danish Engl