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What is a demi-pointe?

It is a softened pointe shoe used to practice before graduating to real pointe or a movement that develops into dancing on one's toes.

If you are pre pointe how long before you are pointe?

You are usually dancing for about 4-5 years before you start pointe work but the common age is about 13-14 Hope this helps!

What kinds of injuries can you get from pointe?

The most common is where your toes curve in because you went onto pointe before you were ready.

How old do you have to be to dance en pointe?

A safe age to start pointe is ages 11 to 13, which is when the growth plates of the ankle have fused. Starting pointe before this has the potential to permanently disfigure the ankle and/or foot. Also generally before this girls have not had enough strength training to sustain them en pointe.

Who was the first person to dance on pointe?

Most people believe the first person to dance on pointe was Marie Taglioli, but there is a little evidence that someone could have danced on pointe before her.

Why would you read that you shouldn't buy pointe shoes unless you go to pointe class but you bought them to practice before lessons start next year?

that's what I'm going to do anyway. i think its a great way to get a head start on pointe. i mean look on the Internet or buy a book, or watch a pointe instructional movie before your pointe class. you'll just be even more prepared for your class.

Can you do pointe with demi pointe shoes?

It is physically possible...BUT... do not do it. It can break toes, feet, and possibly mess up tendens and muscles in the process. It also hurts. If you want to go onto pointe then you need to buy a real pair of pointe shoes. They are usually cheaper online. NO! DO NOT TRY THIS! This can break your feet. Demi pointe shoes are for demi pointe. Pointe shoes are for pointe. ANSWER 2 Hi, Demi-pointe shoes are used so that you can experience the sensations of pointe shoes without going on pointe. THEY ARE NOT FOR GOING ON POINTE IN! If you are only wearing demi-pointe shoes then your instructor obviously does not feel you ankles are strong enough for pointe work yet. If you do this then you face the chance of never being able to go on pointe because you have damaged you feet. So stick to demi pointe shoes for demi pointe and wait a while until your ankles are strong enough to go on pointe! PS you should never go on pointe before you are 12 as research has shown that the joints etc. in your feet have not fully developed!

Is weight a factor in going on pointe?

Weight is a factor, but it shouldn't keep one from going on pointe. If one has strong enough ankles to support themself, then they can do pointe. If not, then yes weight is a factor, and maybe losing some weight might be necessary before going on pointe.

Is pointe bad for you in dance?

If you care for your feet and build the muscles in your feet (by doing dyna band exercises) before starting pointe you should not have a problem. However if your start pointe when you are still young it can hurt your feet. Typically pointe shoes can be worn starting around age 12.

What is the ballet variation where you do jumps on pointe?

There is a variation in Giselle where the girl does hops on pointe. I've done this variation before, but I cant remember the exact variation name.

How much training in ballet should you have before starting pre-pointe?

its not necessarily the training so much as its how strong your muscles are, mainly your ankle muscles

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How long before I can be on pointe?

Typically, dancers who start at around age 5 or 6 begin pointe work at ages 10-11, depending on their ankle strength.

What age do you get your pointe shoes?

When you get your pointe shoes depends on when your feet have matured enough. This does not usually happen before age twelve. Also, your muscles have to be strong enough to support you when your body is balancing just on your toes. The average age for getting pointe shoes is around 12.

How old do you have to be in ballet to have pointe shoes?

The age that you start on pointe differs depending where you do ballet. Some schools even get girls as young as seven to go on pointe. Though I do not entirely agree with this as their legs are not developed or strong enough yet. It also can take up to 6 or so months once you get your pointe shoes (or even before) to complete training exercises to make sure you are ready and capable enough to go on pointe! It really all depends on a. how strong your legs are and b. when your teacher says she wants you to go on pointe! :D p.s. I started pointe at 11 :)

What is pre-pointe class?

A beginers class before the dancers progress to wearing pointes.

When was Jean Baptiste Pointe du Sable born?

On an unknown date sometime before 1770.

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When were pointe shoes first used?

The year was 1832. The ballerina was Marie Taglioni. The ballet was "La Sylphide." It was the first time a female ballerina danced an entire ballet on pointe. (Note: There may have been others before her, but this is the first recorded experience on a dancer performing on pointe for an entire ballet).

How long do you have to do ballet before going en pointe?

Usually around 5 years, however it depends when you started. A good teacher will only allow you to go en pointe when your feet are strong enough and have almost finished growing, around 11 or 12. If you go en pointe before then your bones are too soft and will warp. If you only started ballet this year, for example and you are around 13 or 14 you will probably be allowed to go en pointe, but you will have to be guided very carefully by your teacher.

How many years of ballet experience should you have before you go on pointe?

Beginning pointe work doesn't always depend on how long you may have been dancing. For example if you are older than say 12 or 13 you may only need 1 or 2 years of ballet training before beginning pointe work. This is because pointe shoes can damage younger feet. However some young students are simply strong enough to hold themselves en pointe. Also it depends on what level of ballet you are. Once you reach pre-elementary then pointe shoes are compulsory if you wish to sit the exam for that grade. In preparation for pre-elementary then often dancers will spend 6 months or so before they reach senior ballet, preparing themselves and breaking in new pointe shoes so that the transition into senior ballet smoother. I hope this helps your ballet.

How long are you usuallu pre pointe before you become pointe?

It depends on how long you have been dancing for, but usaly your teacher will start you en pointe at the age of 11+ as this is when the bones in the feet are strong enough to not be manipulated by the shoes. If you start too early the bones are too soft and you can end up crippled for life.

Do you get your pointe shoes right away when you start ballet?

No, you don't. It is important to learn the basics of ballet before starting pointe work. Teachers suggest that you train for a few years to establish the required strength and technique.

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