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I've never had a guinea pig, but ferrets have a lot of personality and love to play.

From another contributor:

I have liked my ferret a lot more than when i had a guinea pig

From another contributor:

I have three guinea pigs and one ferret. I myself like guinea pigs better. Reason being they are less hyper. My farret is diffiicult to leave alone, he gets himself into so much trouble. The smell of their poop is horrible and when they do have accidents, the carpet gets stained and the smell of poop is left in the carpet. Maybe this is because my ferret is young for the most part, but he is a handfull. A ferret will be a ferret no matter what. So your chances of getting one that is calm as a baby are slim to none.

Guinea pigs are nice because you can leave them home alone and wont have too much to worry about where as a ferret, needs to be let out of their cage a couple times a day. Ferrets are smart but they are so stubborn that they will do the same thing they got in trouble for again.

Don't get me wrong I love my ferret but if your the type of person who doesnt want to watch an animal every moment they are out of the cage, then I wouldn't recommend a ferret. If you like that kind of thing however than go for it.

Guinea pigs all have different personalities so it depends on which one you end up getting. I have one pig that is very protective and is the leader of the group he will sit on top of his house and watch the other pigs play. He also sits on top of his house when I vaccum so he can watch me. This pig is very smart. He knows how to get his way. If he wants a certain vegtable, he will turn his head to any vegtable I give him until I give him the one he wants, while the others will be more than happy to eat whatever I give them.

Another pig I have loves to be pet. He loves his belly rubbed and will lay on my stomach for hours without pooping or peeing. I've acctually never had this pig poop or pee on me or even bit or nibble.

The third pig I have is sort of skiddish doesnt like to be pet too much but maybe that's because when I take him out of the cage the pig leader calls for him. The pig ends up paying more attention of the leader calling him than me paying attention to him. This pig is the healthiest looking pig you ever seen.

One thing I want to point out is that when having a pig, they can have littlle things go wrong that might leave you in a vet office. If hay gets in their eye or cuts them than you will end up spending more at the vets office than what you paid for the pig in the first place. They seem like cheap animals but if your like me and spoil them, then it can be expesive. To me my ferret is less expensive than my pigs. That would be a plus on the ferrets part.

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What are good pets to keep inside that are small?

Guinea pigs, rabbits, hamsters and ferrets.

Are Guinea pigs better than ferrets?

no guinea pigs STINK and ferrets can stink but not as much as a guinea pig ......... guinea pigs are also kinda ugly

Can ferrets live with guinea pigs?


What pets are easy to care for and are playful?

cats, dogs, gerbils, bunnies ferrets, Guinea pigs, parrots,FISH,

Are Ferrets good pets or bad compared to Guinea pigs?

Well there are lots of things you may have to think about. Do you have small children? If so, it is not best to get a ferret. Guinea pigs are great with families! But are pretty lazy. Especially as they get older. If you want an active, curious and playful, funny little creature, a ferret is best for you! Guinea pigs are great with small children because they are eay going and are easily handled. Ferrets for small children, eh.... Not so much. Ferrets may at some point be a little too rough with babies, and nip at little fingers and toes. All in all, if you want a friendly, cuddly little lump of love, get a guinea pig. If you want, an active, playful, curious and funny pet, get a ferret. Ferrets are not BAD pets compared to guinea pigs, but it really depends on your lifestyle. Hope this helped!

Can guinea pigs eat ferret food?

No, guinea pigs and ferrets have different nutritional needs.

Are ZuZu Pets hamsters or guinea pigs?

they are guinea pigs

Are guinea pigs cuddly?

Of course, Guinea Pigs are perfect pets!

What are common pets?

Common pets are animals that are very often kept by us humans, such as dogs, cats, birds, mice, fish rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets, etc...

What are guinea pigs used for?

In Peru they eat Guinea Pigs, but in America they are just pets

Will guinea pigs get along with ferrets?

This depends on the personality of the guinea pig and the ferret, they could but they could not.

Do black footed ferrets get along with guinea pigs?

No, they would eat them

What is the differences between pigs and guinea pigs?

pigs make ham and guinea pigs are like pets. they look like hamsters

What are some easy pets to take care of that are kind of playful?

Here are some pets that are easy to take care of and are playful:catsdogsgerbilsbunniesferretsguinea pigsparrots

Are all guinea pigs pets?

No, there are some places like Peru that have wild guinea pigs.

Are guinea pigs bad pets?

Not at all.

Are guinea pigs household pets?


When were guinea pigs domesticated?

Guinea pigs were first introduced as domestic pets by traders in the Netherlands in 1670.

Are guinea pigs allowed to live in Queensland?

Yes. Guinea pigs are very popular pets in Queensland.

Can you keep guinea pigs in the house?

IF you do not have any other pets or if you will not step on it then yes. But guinea pigs do stink!

What does it mean if your guinea pig is shivering?

Guinea Pigs are great pets!

Do Guinea Pigs and Ferrets get along?

A ferret might perceive any rodent such as guinea pigs as prey, possibly killing them as they were domesticated to hunt rodents

Are guinea pigs awesome?

ofcourse! What rodent isnt? wel...ferrets and rats.

What animals eat or kill guinea pigs?

Probably all household pets that aren't smaller than them. Like dogs and cats. And snakes. I'm not sure about other lizards, ferrets, actual pigs, and chinchillas.

Have guinea pigs ever lived in captivity?

In America, guinea pigs are a common small animal kept as pets. Guinea pigs usually live in captivity in America. Where are you from?

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