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Q: How are Flemish region and the Walloon region similar and how do they differ?
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How are the Flemish region and the Walloon region similar?

They are both regions?

Are you Flemish if you are from Belgium?

Not necessarily. If you are from Belgium, you can either be Flemish, Walloon or inhabitant of the Brussels-Capital Region. In any case, if you are from Belgium, Belgian is what you are.

What are the 3 parts of belgium?

The Brussels-Capital Region, the Flemish Region (also known as Flanders) and the Walloon Region (also known as Wallonia).

When was Walloon Region - federal region - created?

Walloon Region - federal region - was created in 1993.

What is the area of Walloon Region federal region?

The area of Walloon Region - federal region - is 16,844 square kilometers.

What is Walloon Region federal region 's population?

Walloon Region - federal region -'s population is 03,000.

Who is the Education Minister in Belgium?

The Belgian government is divided into the federal government, Flemish government, French community, German speaking, Walloon region and Brussels Capital Region. The education ministers for each area are as follows, the Flemish minister is Pascal Smet, the French community minister is Marie-Dominique Simonet, the German-speaking community minister is Oliver Paasch and the Walloon Region minister is Andre Antoine.

What is the population of Flemish Region?

The population of Flemish Region is 02,000.

When was Flemish Region created?

Flemish Region was created in 1993.

Which European country has the Walloon region?

It is in Belgium.

Does Belgium have provinces?

Yes, Belgium has 10 provinces:- Antwerp- Limburg- Flemish Brabant- East Flanders- West Flanders- Hainaut- Walloon Brabant- Namur- Liege- LuxembourgThe Brussels Capital Region is not in a province (althought it is totally surrounded by Flemish Brabant).

What is the area of Flemish Region?

The area of Flemish Region is 13,522 square kilometers.

What is the southern part of Belgium called?

It is called the Walloon region.

In which country is the Flemish language spoken?

Flanders, the northern region of Belgium. Flemish is not a dialect; it is a language.

What is a Flemish artist?

A Flemish artist is an artist from Flanders. Here is what Wikipedia says about Flanders: Flanders (Dutch: Vlaanderen) has historically been a region overlapping parts of northern Belgium, France, and the Netherlands. Today, Flanders often designates the Flemish Community, which includes the Brussels-Capital Region, or the Flemish Region, which does not.

Where do they speak dutch in Belgium?

Dutch is the official language of the Flemish Community and the Flemish Region (merged to Flanders) and, along with French, an official language of the Brussels-Capital Region.

What languages are spoken in the West Flanders region of Belgium?

flemish, a dialect of dutch

What are the two language regions of belgium?

The two main language speaking regions of Belgium are the Dutch speaking region and the Walloon region. -There are other minority language regions in Belgium.

How does northern india differ from the rest of the region-?

Northern India differ from the rest of the region in that it has the Himalayas and a desert

How does northern India differ from rest of the region?

Northern India differ from the rest of the region in that it has the Himalayas and a desert

Is Flemish an adjective?

Yes, it is the proper adjective for the Dutch-speaking region called Flanders. It is now part of Belgium.It is a noun when referring to the language Flemish (aka Belgian Dutch).

Who is the minister president of Wallonia?

Rudy W.G. Demotte is the Minister President for the Walloon region. He replaced Elio Di Rupo on July 19, 2007.

Where is Bure located in Europe?

Bure is a small town located in the Belgium province of Luxembourg. It is located in the southeastern part of Belgium in the Walloon region of the country.

Why federalism required in India and Belgium?

Because both countries is formed with regions with different cultures. In Belgium: 2 major cultural regions with different languages and different economy and needs (Flemish region and Walloon region) + a small German speaking region + a bilingual Capital region. About India I have no details, but there you have also some religion context. And I know there are around 16 official languages so I guess there are at least as many major cultural communities. Actually, in the future the Belgium regions should become part of a Federal Europe. Than you can compare it with India.

How are the states of a region similar?

The states of a region are similar due to climate change and geography.