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Q: How are George Washington and James Madison different?
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How many signers of the constitution became president?

2 of the signers of the US Constitution became president. They are James Madison and George Washington. George Washington was the first President of the US and James Madison was the 4th President.

Social studies what were James Madison and George Washington disagreeing about in these statement?

James Madison and George Washington made statements about the creation of political parties and disagreed. James Madison believed that the creation of political parties was unavoidable, while George Washington believed that political parties would weaken the power of government.

Which state did George Washington and James Madison serve as delegates?


Was George Washington called the father of the constituton?

No. George Washington was called the father of America. The father of the constitution was James Madison.

Who were the members of the Virginia dynasty?

George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, and James Monroe.

How were George Washington and James Madison the same how were they different?

George Washington and James Madison were both Founding Fathers and played crucial roles in the formation of the United States. However, they differed in their political ideologies and leadership styles. Washington was a Federalist and served as the first President, emphasizing strong central power and unity. Madison was a Democratic-Republican and became the fourth President, advocating for states' rights and individual freedoms.

Name three philosophers?

james madison, george washington, john hancock

Who where the only two presidents to sign the constititon?

George Washington and James Madison

Who were the two main leaders for a Constitutional Convention were James Madison and?

George Washington

Who id the father of the constitution?

James Madison.

What lady saved George Washington's portrait?

it was James Madison's wife who did it

Who were some of the important framers?

George Mason, George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, and William Pierce were important framers of the U.S. Constitution. Others include Alexander Hamilton and James Madison.