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How are Gospels written or give the stages of the Gospels?

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Accounts written by Matthew, Mark, Luke and John have been preserved, and because they deal with the gospel or glad tidings which Christ preached, they are known as the gospels. The first three, dealing in general with the same teachings and historical events, are called the synoptic gospels.

It appears that Matthew was directing his gospel to the Jews. Mark apparently wrote with the aim of appealing to the Roman and Gentile mind.
Lukes gospel presents the Master to the Greeks, and the gospel of John is the account for the disciples and is pre-eminetly for the church.


There are four genuine Gospels which originate in the apostolic community of the 1st century. This community included the family, disciples, friends and other eyewitnesses of the life, teaching, death and resurrection of Jesus. It was these documents (Matthew, Mark, Luke and John) which were given the name "Gospels" from a word which appears in the texts meaning 'good news'. Over the succeeding centuries other books claiming to be "Gospels" were produced by a range of heretical sects each designed to express their unorthodox teaching. Pseudographs and other unworthy fakes were rejected as dross by the Church and only the original four accounts were ever accepted as genuine and authoritative scripture. The four canonical Gospels are quoted extensively by the theologians (fathers) of the early church in the 2nd century.

The so-called Gospel of Thomas is not a narrative, like the true Gospels, but a collection of 114 sayings or logia at least half of which are of doubtful authenticity. It dates from around the middle of the C2nd. The "Gospel of Barnabas" was written by a Muslim in the C13th.

The four canonical Gospels were written when eyewitnesses of Christ were still alive. None of the other so-called "Gospels" was written by anyone who knew Jesus of Nazareth during his earthly life. Islam appears to have been influenced by at least one heretical sect, possibly the Docetists or Aryans.
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The New Testament gospels were all written anonymously, which means we do not really know who wrote any of them. Beginning with Mark's Gospel, the earliest New Testament gospel to be written, all the gospels were written in Greek Koine. The Gospels of Matthew and Luke were substantially based on Mark, with further sayings material attributed to Jesus being taken from the hypothetical 'Q' document. Last of all came John's Gospel, which was loosely based on Luke, with some material taken direct from Mark.

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What are the 3 stages of the gospel?

Jesus' life in Palestines Oral Tradition Written Gospels

Who are what group or people were the gospels written for?

The gospels were written for everyone. A few of the gospels were for Jews, the others for Gentiles (everyone but jews)

How many Gospels were written?

Hundreds of gospels were written, but only 4 (Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, & John) were chosen to be in the Bible.

Were the gospels written while Jesus was alive?

No, the Gospels were written after Jesus died and was resurrected.

Who were the synoptic Gospels written for?

The synoptic gospels were written for Kayla theodorou.

Who was four Gospels written by?

No one knows who wrote the gospels.

In what language were the gospels of the New Testament first written?

AnswerThe gospels of the New Testament were first written in Greek.

How did the gospels come to be written?

The Gospels came to be written by man....through God....the gospels are the life of Jesus Christ from birth to his years of ministering to God to his gruesome death....

Three stages in the formation of New Testament?

1. The life and teachings of the Church- took place around A.D. 28-302. Oral Tradition- The New Testament had to be written down because many of the apostles were dying ~ happened around A.D. 653. The Written Gospels- the gospels were written between A.D. 60s and 90s

Name the three stages of Gospel development?

Modern theologians see three stages in the development of the gospels.The life, mission and resurrection of JesusThe post-resurrection teaching of the apostlesThe actual writing of the gospels by the evangelists.Those who look at the development of the gospels in three clear-cut stages often see the third stage as the most important for Christianity, because the gospels are not so much literal histories but reflections on the meaning of Jesus.Some scholars would not find the three-stage model very useful, because it may encourage assumptions about the linear progression of early Christianity.the three stages are:1. events: jesus' life death and resurrection2. oral tradition:stories about jesus are spread by word of mouth3. written texts: the good news is written down to preserve it and make it easier to educate the growing number of chistians.

Is Samuel an author of the Gospels?

No, the Gospels were written by Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.

What book is written after the Gospels?

The "Acts"

What are the three stages in the formation of the Gospels?

Traditionalists would say that two of the gospels, those of Matthew and John, were written by eyewitnesses to the mission of Jesus, and that the authors simply wrote down what they had seen and experienced. However scholars say that the four gospels were written anonymously and only attributed to the disciples whose names they now bear later in the second century. Moreover, scholars say that the gospels could not have been written by eyewitnesses to the events they portray, or even by close associates of eyewitnesses to those events.From very early times, Church leaders were aware of a literary dependence among the Gospels of Matthew, Mark and Luke. There was simply no other explanation for the gospels using exactly the same words in the Greek language. They made the assumption that Matthew was written first, with Mark andLukebased on Matthew. Modern scholars, using more advanced analyses, say that Mark was the first gospel and that Matthew and Luke were each independently based on Mark, with additional sayings material from the hypothetical 'Q' document. They also say that John's Gospel was inspired by Luke, with some material taken direct from Mark. So the three major stages in the formation of the gospels are:The development of Mark's Gospel, based on unknown sources;The development of Matthew's Gospel and Luke's Gospel, based on Mark's Gospel and the hypothetical Q document;The development of John's Gospel, based on Luke's Gospel and, to a lesser extent, Mark's Gospel.

Were the Gospels written when Jesus was a live?

they were written after the death of Jesus

Give the two stages of cellular respiration?

give the two stages of cellular respiration

Why were only four gospels written?

There are more than four Gospels that were written but only the existing four made it to the Bible. Other Gospels that did not make it are the Gospels of Mary Magdalene, Gospel of Judas, Gospel of Thomas, Gospel of Barnabas, Gospel of Enoch, etc.

What has the author Gualtiero Carraro written?

Gualtiero Carraro has written: 'The Gospels'

How many times did Jesus teach in the gospels?

Jesus did not teach from the gospels per se, as the gospels Matthew, Mark, Luke and John had not yet been written. They are the account of His life and teachings written by these men after Jesus had died.

Why are there 4 Gospels but only one Jesus Christ?

The 4 Gospels were written by 4 people about one Jesus.

Which gospel was written to inspire faith in Jesus but is not a synoptic gospel?

The gospel of John is not part of the Synoptic Gospels.The gospels of Matthew, Mark, and Luke are referred to as the Synoptic Gospels.

Who was the Gospels written for?

the gospel is written for the world and specificly for the beleiver of the word of God

What has the author Richard Cooke written?

Richard Cooke has written: 'The Gospels' 'Moloka'I'

Why did the writers of the Gospels finally write the stories in the final stage of their formation?

A "CrossRoads minicourse" describes Three Stages of Gospel Development as:The ministry of JesusPostresurrectional preaching of the apostlesThe Writing of the Gospels by the EvangelistsThe minicourse says 'The Evangelists didn’t write the Gospels to give us “histories,” as we use the term. They wrote so readers would “come to believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God” (John 20:31)'. In other words, the gospels may not always be based on actual events or sayings of Jesus, but at least they were written to convince their audiences.A popular view, at least in the twentieth century, was that the gospels were finally written down because those who had experienced the message of Jesus were becoming old and it was feared that the stories would be lost unless they were written down soon. This implies that the Evangelists wrote the gospels as accurate "histories", as we understand the term - a view that would be in direct contradiction to the statement above.The gospels were originally anonymous and were actually written much later than formerly believed. The first New Testament gospel to be written was Mark's Gospel, now believed to have been written approximately 70 CE. We know the other gospels were written much later, because the Gospels of Matthew and Luke were substantially based on Mark and the Gospel of John appears to have been loosely based on material from both Mark and Luke.Thus, Matthew, Luke and John could not have been written until Mark had been written and was circulating in Christian communities. Mark's Gospel appears to have been influenced by Paul's epistles, so this gospel could not have been written until after the time of Paul. This places us in the final stage of gospel formation.

When were the Lindisfarne gospels written?

Circa 700 AD

How many Bible Gospels were written?

Quite a few gospels are known to have been written, most of them attributed to various of the apostles although biblical scholars say that none of the apostles really wrote any of the gospels. Only four gospels were selected for inclusion in the Bible - Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.