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they are both dragons!

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Q: How are Japanese dragons similar to Chinese dragons?
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How are Japanese Korean and Chinese dragons different?

Japanese dragon eyes squint more than Korean dragons your welcome;)

Are Chinese and Japanese similar?

No, Chinese and Japanese are completely unrelated languages. However, Japanese does have a large number of loanwords from Chinese. Japanese also borrowed some of the Chinese characters for use in writing Japanese.

Are Japanese and Chinese languages similar?

Japanese and Chinese are similar in some aspects yes. The Japanese took Chinese characters for their third alphabet. They are both dirived from a non-latin basis. They are vocal and pitch related.

Why are there Chinese dragons on Chinese New Year?

There's Chinese dragons on Chinese New Year because dragons are a sign of luck to Chinese.

Are all dragons Chinese?

no not all dragons are Chinese

What is the difference between a Chinese dragon and Japanese dragon?

No, actually, the Chinese dragon has 5 toes, and the Japanese dragon has 3. The Koran dragon has 4 toes. It is said in Chinese Mythology, All dragons started in China and when the other dragons left China, they lost their toes, but in the Japanese Culture believes that all dragons came from Japan. When they left Japan they gained toes. ________________________________________________________________ I think one is bigger, but that's about it.

What do the Chinese people use the Chinese dragon for?

Unlike western dragons,the Chinese dragons represent peace and fortune.And it is believed by Chinese people that they are the heir of Chinese Dragons. So they use Chinese Dragons,or Long in Chinese,for the hope of good luck in the year.

Which form of Japanese wring overlaps with Chinese?

Writing?? It is Kanji they are similar

Were Chinese dragons more powerful than European dragons?

No, European Dragons are stronger and larger than Chinese dragons but they are not the best.

Are dragons important to Chinese culture?

Dragons are very important to Chinese culture. Chinese dragons are very wise. They are not the evil princess eating dragons that the west have. Dragons stand for the power of the Emperor in the old China.

Why do dragons have significance in Chinese Japanese European and other cultures?

They have significance because they are a popular legend so people make honor tributes to dragons to bring good luck.

What similar is Chinese food and Japanese food?

well, they both use rice...

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