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The same way people who wear underwear all the time do, they take them off. Yes, Mormons do it too.

Although some have been known to attempt to do so while wearing garments, I believe it is not the mainstream practice.

There are times when the more 'proper' thing to do is to remove the garment temporarily, such as in showering, swimming and competing athletically in public, etc.

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Q: How are Mormons supposed to procreate with special garments on at all times?
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Why do Mormons wear garments?

If you mean the white garments it is because white is the purest colour and so we wear it when we are being baptised or are going to the temple. :) Another answer: The garments (the underclothes) that worthy members of the LDS (Mormon) Church wear do so as a reminder of special sacred covenants they have made between them and God in an LDS Temple. The covenants are not secret, but sacred covenants that are talked about primarily in the Bible.

How do you use the word garments in a sentence?

People often wear special garments to the weddings in their culture.

What is a special the Mormons to that measures temperature continuously?

Nothing? Mormons aren't particularly concerned with measuring the temperature, nor do they have any sacred or special objects related to temperature.

When do Mormons start wearing the special garments?

The garment is a reminder of the covenents (promises) made to God in the Temple. Prerequisites for going to the temple to make these covenents are to be an adult, member of the church for at least a year, and to be recomneded by your bishop (which is the pastor of the congregation) as one who has is living a virtuous life.

What special garments are required by Hinduism and what are they called?

Hinduism had many traditional garments, they differed greatly from class to class. For women these gramnets were more unified and were called sarees.

What is the purpose of the special garments?

it means to make yourself look preetybefore you kill people

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How might standard hospital procedures be upsetting to a faithful Mormon?

Mormons wear special priesthood garments under their clothing day and night. It might upset a faithful Mormon if this clothing was treated disrespectfully in any way. If it had to be removed with scissors, that would not be a problem, but if it were held up to be scrutinized because it seemed odd or unusual, that would be very rude and insensitive. It would not be rude to ask questions about the garment, but it would be rude to make fun of it.Mormons have no religious objection to blood transfusions.

Why do Mormons have special underwear?

Devout adult members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the "Mormon" church) who have participated in certain ceremonies in the Temple are obligated to wear a special underwear (the temple garment). This underwear is worn for several reasons: 1), It is meant to remind them of covenants and promises they made with God as a part of the ceremony. 2), It is promised to be a 'shield and protection', both spiritually and physically, to them if they obey God. 3), Mormons have an all-lay clergy, and this garment serves as a way to distinguish them as servants of God, much like a priest or pastor in another Christian faith might wear a special robe or collar. 4), It promotes modesty and conservative dress. 5), In the Old Testament of the Bible, Aaron and the priests are annointed in the Temple and given white linen garments to wear. Mormons believe that they are continuing this practice.

What is with the garments of the LDS?

Adult members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the "Mormon" church) are encouraged to participate in a sacred ceremony in the temple called the 'Endowment'. During the endowment, special covenants and promises are made with God, and a sacred undergarment (usually called 'garments' or 'temple garments') is given to the participant. The garment is meant to be worn from then on under the clothing at all times (or whenever you would wear regular underwear) as a symbol and reminder of the commitments made during the ceremony. The clergy of many faiths wear special clothing to symbolize their leadership and authority. Since Mormons have a lay clergy and share preaching responsibilities, the garment also serves as a sort of 'priests robe' - a symbol of their worthiness and authority to preach and teach within the congregation. The garment is white and covers the thighs, body, and shoulders. Mormons believe that the garment and the ceremony in which it is recieved is based on several verses in the Old Testament, including Exodus 28:42, Leviticus 16:4, and Exodus 39:28.

What are sacred vestments?

Roman Catholic AnswerSacred vestments are the special garments worn by the clergy when performing the sacraments, for instance, a Chasuble at Mass.

What are some missionary needs in Mexico?

Many missionaries perform their duties on Mexico. Of special preponderance are Jehovah's Witnesses and Mormons.

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Why did they Mormon Trail occur?

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What have the Mormons contribute to America?

The Mormons contributed to America because they believe that America is a special nation and that God was involved in its founding. In the Book of Mormon, the American continent is described as the 'Promised Land', the place where Zion will be established. The Doctrine and Covenants of the Church says that the constitution of the United States was established by God and that the Founding Fathers recieved inspiration from Him. (section 101:80) For these reasons, Mormons (at least American Mormons) love America and strive to serve their country.

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Why do mormons wear special underwear?

Answer: only when we go into the templeIn Exodus 40:13 it says:13 And thou shalt put upon Aaron the holy garments, and anoint him, and sanctify him; that he may minister unto me in the priest's office.Mormons put on these "special underwears", aka: the holy garments, as an outward sign of a commitment to God. The garment is white and represents purity, and by wearing it the person commits to Jesus Christ that he/she will follow whatever the Lord commands of them, just as people did in the Old Testament (the Jews).These garments serve not only as a reminder, but as a protection from God. Not necessarily from physical harm, but spiritual harm as well. Some people have reported that their garments have protected them from physical harm.Regardless, this is the purpose of the garment, and these holy garments are worn in conjunction with the restoration of the Lord's true church here on the Earth as a commandment from the Lord.AnswerI was about to say that we don't when I realized what you were talking about. The temple garments right? I'm not exactly sure how to word the answer, but if you found a member and asked they might be able to give you a more accurate answer than mine. The garments are used to enter the temple. The temple is a super sacred place and to honor that everything we wear and do there is special. AnswerThey then put on the "authorized pattern" undergarment with another ceremony. This is the garment devout Mormon men and women wear nearly all of the time - day and night, summer and winter. They are told it will be a shield and protection against the power of the destroyer until their work on earth is completed. Many Mormons have testified of physical and spiritual protection by wearing the garment. Non-Mormons (Gentiles) sometimes refer to this garment as "Mormon armor" or "bullet-proof underwear" because of the dramatic stories Mormons tell about its protective power. The original undergarment was full length with a large collar, but dress styles have changed and the garment has been greatly abbreviated. However, President Joseph F. Smith said: The Lord has given unto us garments of the Holy Priesthood, and you know what that means. And yet there are those of us who mutilate them, in order that we may follow the foolish, vain and (permit me to say) indecent practices of the world. In order that such people may imitate the fashions, they will not hesitate to mutilate that which should be held by them the most sacred of all things in the world, next to their own virtue, next to their own purity of life. They should hold these things that God has given unto them sacred, unchanged and unaltered from the very pattern in which God gave them. Let us have the moral courage to stand against the opinions of fashion, and especially where fashion compels us to break a covenant and so commit a grievous sin (Improvement Era, 9:813, August, 1906).

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