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How are South Koreans stereotyped in the US?

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Korean stereotypes do not exist in the US.

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Why did the US help the south Koreans?

because they wanted there oil

Why does the US hate North Korea?

The North Koreans arent too fond of Americans or South Koreans because of the Korean War.

Who sided with the south Koreans and the north Koreans?


What side did the united nations and US side with in the Korean war?

South Koreans.

Where did the US get involved in the Korean War?

The US reinforced the South Koreans and fought northward into North Korea.

Who would likely enter the next Korean War?

Yes, the North Koreans are practicing right now in December 2010 and said that they are going to attack if they get to practice. If they attack the South, the US Army is going to get involved but if the South Koreans attack, which is somewhat unlikely, the Chinese is going to get involved. The North Koreans are allied with the Chinese and the South is allied with the US Army.

Why did North and South Korea separate?

in 1953 because of revolutionist in north Korea. then the us helped the south Koreans

Are South Koreans Asians?

Yes, South Koreans are Asians because they were born in the Asian race!

What began when North Korea invaded South Korea in 1950?

when the North Koreans invaded the South Korea. Most of the South Koreans were killed, tortured, jailed. But help of many other countries like US, Philippines, Japan, United Kingdom,and other African countries, South Koreans were saved. General Douglas MacArthur planned "Incheon landing plan" or known as 인천상륙작전 made the Koreans to ger their territories.

Is it true that The Korean conflict staged Americans and North Koreans against the Chinese and South Koreans?

No, the UN, (including the US), and South Korea were fighting North Korea and China, (who had some help from the Soviet Union).

Why were the South Koreans fighting in the Vietnam War at the Battle of Duc Co?

They were showing solidarity with the US.

What are ways people move in North Korea?

actually you are forbidden to leave or enter without permission of the government but the way most koreans escape is through south koreans tunnel which south koreans build to help north koreans escape in to south korea

Why does North Korea want to kill the South Koreans?

No, the North Koreans don't really wanna kill South Koreans. Thats why north koreans come to south korea to escape kim jong un. some north koreans, most of them, were brainwashed by the dictator and they think that their country is the best in the world, and that americans and south koreans are their enemies. but technically the north korean citizens didn't really do anything wrong, and most dont even wanna kill south koreans. the problem is the dictators.

Were North Korea and South Korea fearful of each other?

It appeared the South Koreans were more fearful of the North Koreans.

What would the us do if North Korea attack the south?

Americans Like South Koreans.So we will simply get involved.we already have American Troops in South Koreatrying to prevent North Korea from Attacking south Korea.Im guessing if N Korea tries attacking South Korea.. Then America and south Korea Will fight the North Koreans.North Korea Mainly Hates South Koreans.Meaning South Korea can be attacked at any moment.

What happened when the US entered the Korean War?

US/Allied Forces immediately fought to drive the North Koreans out of South Korea.

Why did south Korea have to assist the us in the Korean war?

it was the United Nations, including the U.S., that ASSISTED the South Koreans during the Korean War.....

How will South Koreans react to you?


What do South Koreans wear?

South Koreans generally dress in Western Style although they do have traditional clothing for more formal occassions.

When south Korea invaded north Korea what country helped?

China helped the North Koreans and NATO helped the South Koreans.

Who did US aid in the Korean war?

South Korea. The US aided the South Koreans because the North was communist and therefore due to the Containment Policy, the US felt the need to intervene and save the South from falling to the Communist North.

The Korean conflict staged Americans and North Koreans against the Chinese and South Koreans?


Why did the Korean War began?

why the Korean war started is because the North Koreans wanted the South Korean part of Korea "Communist, but the South Koreans believed in "Freedom". So the North Koreans decided to attack the South Koreans, because the North Koreans wanted there government to be incharge, on June 23rd 1950. That's what I think, I hope you understood that. Thanks.................................Elisha Winegardner!

What type of government do the south Koreans have?


What percent of south Koreans are christian?