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Q: How are airplanes wings like birds wings?
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What do birds and airplanes have the same?

Birds and airplanes both have wings.

How do airplanes fly like birds?

They don't exactly flap their wings like birds, but they propel themselves through the air sometimes by a propeller, but mostly with jet engines attached under the wings.

What do birds and airplanes have in common that contribute to their ability to fly?


How do birds create lift?

by running and jumping off the ground, also by flapping their wings -Although SOME birds (like the Albatross) have a hard time flapping, THEY HAVE TO WAIT for a strong breeze. Airplanes' wings are thicker at the front of the wing than at the back of the wing. This is in imitation of birds' wings.

What are some differences between birds and airplanes?

To start off, birds flap their wings to propel themselves forward whereas airplanes propel themselves forward using a propeller that spins around. Airplanes use wires (both electrical and cables) to maneuver. Birds twist their wings to maneuver. Airplanes also have lights to show their orientation and location. Birds on the other hand have no lights because they really don't need them! Airplanes are made out of metal which doesn't repair itself it it gets broken or injured like a bird does. Airplanes need aviation fuel to run where birds just get their energy from seeds, bugs..etc. hope that helped

How are some bird wings like an airplanes wings?

Some bird wings are like airplanes wings because the air goes over and under it like a airplane soaring through the sky!

Why don't all birds have wings?

All birds do have wings. For birds like Penguins, the wings have turned into flippers.

How do people fly like a bird with wings?


Whats the difference between a birds wing and a airplanes wing?

A bird creates lift by flapping its wings Aircraft move by the air moving over the wings (where as birds move by moving their wings around the air)

How are birds and airplanes same and different?

birds don't use gas they flap their wings. Plane uses gas but doesn't flap its wings. And they are alike because they both fly.birds flap its wings and doesn't use gas. airplanes do use gas but doesn't flap it wings. They both fly.One poops the other doesn'tBirds Are living and Airplanes are made by man machine. The structure of their wings are alike in someways and different in others. As well Birds can not hold Human Beings they can only hold their food and their birds/children!Airplanes have propellers to help them get off the ground, and birds use their muscles to help them get off the ground. An obvious one is that birds are much lighter and smaller than airplanes.Things In Common:They Both FlyHave wings/airfoilCarry lifeBoth have an I in their Name bIrds aIrplanesCreate Speed when in the airFly with Twist and turns

Do airplanes have two wings?

All airplanes have at least two wings.

Do airplanes with bigger wings fly farther than airplanes with smaller wings?


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