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How will a paper airplane fly without wings?


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A paper airplane cannot fly without a wing.

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try bending the wings of the airplane

if its a basic airplane, adding paper clips to the wings can help so it doesnt just fly in random directions.

it depend on what the wings are like and the body

yes, but the wings have to be stable, and in the right places (not crooked)

No , a crumpled up airplane will have problems with the air not flowing smoothly across the wings .

Bend the back of the wings up like ailerons

READ THIS - GOOD INFORMATION The wings of an airplane and the rotors of a helicopter both help the object fly. Without those the object could not fly because the wings of an airplane have wind going past it which keeps the airplane in the air. The rotors of a helicopter spin in the wind and help the helicopter fly.

No, airplanes need wings for lift. - Now having said that, aircraft can fly without wings, as they include helicopters, dirigibles and balloons which have alternate ways of gaining lift.

I think you keep rolling it to a cylinder and tape and put wings on and fly!

All type of aircraft need wings. They are the parts that make an airplane fly. Without wings it is not even an aircraft.

The wing of the paper airplane can make it fly far. For a glider, make a large wingspan and light, evenly balanced weight. Also, the wider the wings are the easier it will be to gain lift and the more narrower the wings are the harder it will be to stay in the air longer.

No. Fairies do not exist and it is impossible to become one. The only wings you can fly with are the wings of an airplane.

The propellers act as a thrusting force which drives the airplane forward. In addition to the wings and vertical and horizontal tail wings, this helps an airplane to become airborne and fly.

No. Airplanes need the flow of air over the wings in order to produce lift.

the smallest airplane will fly the farthest

Yes, it can. Weight, number of folds, and wingspan are all factors in making a paper airplane fly farther. A long-distance paper airplane (glider) should have large wings, a small fuselage, and evenly distributed (but also light) weight. It should be held and thrown from the center of gravity.

Yes, paper planes need wings to fly, if they were to be accurate to a real plane, since real planes have wings, so paper planes need wings, too. The wings provide lift for the paper plane, causing it to fly when thrown properly. No wings means it is just an ordinary folded piece of paper that you are trying to throw.

i think the construction paper airplane will fly farther

Time flies without wings.

They are an important part of the aircraft that makes it fly. There are many other parts without which the airplane cannot fly.

Totally, if the wings on an airplane are made incorrectly than the airplane will fall and go Boom. If the wings are made correctly or in a different shape than the techniques of flying will change the way airplanes fly. Try testing different shapes of wings with a paper airplane. See what kinds of wings make the plane go Splat or go Woosh through the air. Also, look at birds. They are the main models of different types of wings for airplane designers. :0)

engine lets airoplane fly in air and airoplane also fly with its wings

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